Just 'cause it's cracked
doesn't mean that it's broke
just 'cause it's a butt
doesn't mean it's a joke

With a heart like an apple
butt hard like a stone
stuck in the mud
'cause it stuck to the bone

...and this is how it starts
and this is what it seems
and this is who we are
and this is what will be

The future is planned
and now comes to pass
artificial man

End of the line
look at the time
time ticking
and tell me
that you think it's clean

Where there's a way
there is a lie
we trusted
not to be
so mean

What we discussed
was so disgusting
filling it up
and busting
at the seams

Putting the peas
out with the pies
everybody combusting
but the buttmachine

Cracked like a bell
but don't mean that it rings
and just 'cause it's shiny
doesn't mean that it's clean

The movement is over
the flush has begun
and just 'cause it's ugly
doesn't mean it's no fun

...and just because we can
it don't mean
that we should
and just 'cause
it's modern
don't mean
it smells good

Function over form
fiction over pain
and just because
it's chrome
don't mean
it won't stain

Single the word
double the talk talk
triple the babble
to tell me
what they say

Jingle the bell
held up in heck well
only the funny one
kinda knows
the way

Putting the peas
out with the pies
everybody combusting
butt the butt
it seems

End of the days
end so abrupt
everybody corrupted
but the buttmachine


...just like I told ya
sold your soul
...they sold it for ya
hold your own
...don't let them scold ya
hold your nose
...they'll blow it for ya

Half of the work
all of the class
can you show us
the reason
that it works
this well

Give it a jerk
spilling the gas
and I betcha
it's silent
but it just might smell

Half of the will
some of the time
all of the reasons
we left it
in the kitchen sink

Shining it up
another butt
more than half
of the battle
is that it
just might stink

Quick and the fast
gelatinous mass
so soft was the goo
and so we
poked right through it

Tree in the woods
making a sound
no one around
and so we
just say screw it

End of the line
look at the time
time ticking
and tell me
that you think
it's clean

Follow your nose
and get the joke
now that nobody's laughing
but the buttmachine...

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