"Ashes" as written by and Justine Suissa Jonathan Grant....
Across the Eerie waters
Misty covered glass I spied
A sad procession, snaking down
The dry and deathly trail
And as my telescopic eye
Focused on the marching line
It settled on the fallen crown
Now covered with a veil

The heavy weight of mourning
Drew each head to face the ground
Muscles tight on bearers' arms
Each body cold and frail
And through the muslin mist
The beating drums, the only sound
Twenty boats out in the bay
All ready to set sail

Ashes take me back to Earth
Water quench my human thirst
Ashes take me back to Earth
Water quench my human thirst

My bones soaked in the icy cold
And fixed me where I lay
Until each vessel left the shore
And made a line for me
There never was a breeze
The leaves were silent all that day
They say the sails were ghosts
That stole the wind to set them free

I layed transfixed
Felt nothing, but the beating of my fear
As flames rose up and swallowed whole
Greatest of the fleet
The others circled round
And I heard chanting fill the air
The ashes, lifted high
Were falling back into the sea

Ashes take me back to Earth
Water quench my human thirst
Ashes take me back to Earth
Water quench my human thirst

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"Ashes" as written by Jonathan David Grant Anthony Patrick James Mcguinness

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    General CommentKinda seems like a spirit, watching their own funeral pyre from afar.
    Seddyereon July 15, 2011   Link
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    Song MeaningI'm quite certain the theme of this song takes place around many 'viking funerals' happening at one time. After a large battle that resulted in 'the fallen crown'.
    The procedure being that after the body was viewed and given respects they would carry the body to a boat, filling it with gifts, and then light it on fire as it went out to sea.

    Seddyere had it right, that it's from the viewpoint of a spirit watching the event unfold.

    Very beautiful song.
    Thorigrimon March 05, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationI always thought that it sounded like King Arthur's funeral as told be the Lady of the Lake.
    BigBadBerton May 07, 2013   Link
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    Song MeaningIMHO, I don't think a spirit watching his own funeral would need a telescope or spyglass to see their own funeral. Nor would a spirit have need of water to quench their thirst after death. Lastly, somebody who's dead wouldn't feel the cold in their bones.

    However, it almost certainly does describe the burial at sea of a king (fallen crown) and subsequent burning of the ship. The person who's watching it is scared of death and/or in fear of their own mortality.

    BTW, it can't be Vikings since the Vikings didn't have telescopes -- that was invented by Galileo about 400 years after the Vikings, IIRC.
    janeaparis1on January 08, 2014   Link
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    Song MeaningIt's from the perspective of a satellite watching people try to leave a dead earth. One of the departing space-ships explodes on it's trip up/away.
    florentin1on January 23, 2016   Link
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    General Commentover the years I've found myself from time to time coming back and giving thought to this song. in my opinion it's the description of the funeral procession of a king/monarch figure, (fallen crown now covered with a veil) seen from the perspective of a distant observer (as my telescopic eye focused on the marching line). the atmosphere is proper heavy (muslin mist/icy cold), and the observer, although safe, is affected himself and can almost feel an impeding tragedy(the beating of my fear). when the boats (formed a line) and the funeral pyre is lit (flame rose up and swallowed whole the greatest of the fleet), thus the great king took his followers with him in the afterlife as (ashes lifted high are falling back into the sea), returning everything to nature, as in ashes to ashes and dust to dust. the chorus speaks the kings desire to find peace and silence in death (ashes take me back to earth, water(the sea?) quench my human thirst). all in all this song is a hidden masterpiece of poetry, and the lyrics are so visually strong one cannot help to see the movie of the funeral and its tragic closure.
    alin140699on March 03, 2017   Link

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