I'll be thinkin' about you
As I drive far, far away
Not knowin' how long I'll be gone
And if I'll ever return to this place
To see your beautiful face
I'm drivin' from the memories
That haunt me when I'm here
I'm tired of being chased
By my thoughts and my fears

So here's a note for you
Saying I won't be here tomorrow
I'll be driving up the coast
And drowning in my sorrow
Don't worry about me
I think I'll be just fine
As I fade into the night
And my heart is full of fright

My hands are speakin' to the wheel
Tellin' me to turn the car around
And tell you what I've wanted to say
But I cry as I think about you
So I push the pedal down
And continue to drive away
One day I'll return
And you'll understand why
I had to leave in silence
Even though I wanted to try

I felt something there
Last night when we talked
I’m so comfortable with you
Even with every sarcastic word
And every cute mock
But the more I wish for something
The more reality makes me think
That what I want is not real
Even when you stare and wink

I’ve got so many reasons
To never come back to this place
So I’ll drive to the highest hills
And let my mind begin to erase
The conversations we have
I never want to replay again
Because every time I do
They always draw me in

I just wish you would understand
The way you seem to feel
The way you speak to me
And the way you make things real
Well, I’m due back home next week
But I’ll need longer than that
Because every time you’re around
My heart and head are trapped
In this imaginary life I picture
With just you and me
Laying in the bed together
Watching the sun rise above the sea

I dream about us waking up
Staring into each other’s eyes
Knowing we both feel the same way
And that we’ve won the greatest prize
Each other, each other
There is no other, no other
And there’s no better, no better
‘Cause we’d be together, together
But I find myself dreaming
Too much about that life
That will never be ours to share
So up the coast I’ll drive
Until night is day and day is night
And up the coast I’ll drive
As I sit here and I cry
Trying to hold them back,
I’ll try, I’ll try
But in the end
It’s up the coast
Where I’ll start my new life

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