So you made a typo
An error, a mistake
Girl, it's not your fault
Sometimes things just happen that way
So you carved a boo-boo
Deep into your soul
Girl, I promise it will get better
One day soon you'll be whole
I know it hurts to think
About these painful memories
But you got me on the line
Come, and take a ride with me
We can talk about anything
Like what happened last fall
Where would you like to start?
Or we don't have to talk at all
I know it's not fair
That some of us are faced with
Bad people who hurt us
And leave us scars in the end
But that's why God
Will send angels our way
To mend these broken hearts
And take the pain away
You just gotta trust me
When I say things will change
You're not alone on this
I'll stay however long it takes
It may seem like the world
Couldn’t get any worse
And it may seem the only escape
Is through a hearse
But girl I ain’t lettin’ you
Give up that easily
Don’t you know what I see in you?
It’s something truly amazing
You have the will and strength
That’s more than enough
And if you fall down one day
I’ll be there to pick you up
Not everyone is like him
We would never leave you
We’d take care of that child
And we would stay true

So you’ve had some typos
That will take a while to delete
But you’ve got the world at your palms
And you’ve got it under your feet
So you’ve had some boo-boo’s
That have followed you before
But today is when you’ll let go
And you’ll leave them at the door
They won’t be haunting you
Anymore, anymore
And I am going to
Make sure, make sure
That you’re in good hands
From now on
So that one day you’ll be here
To hear this song
No more wrong turns
And no more painful burns
You’re takin’ the high road now
And together we’re gonna learn
What it is to love,
What it is to love,
And to love everything
Sent from above,
Sent from above

You’re my best friend,
My love for you will never end
Don’t leave here in a fret
We’ve barely treaded
The water yet
It’s alright, it’s okay,
The pain will be gone some day

I promise

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What It Is To Love song meanings
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