Oh when you stumble every time you walk
Oh when you stutter every time you talk, hey
Don't look back
Don't look back

Your legs are no longer but you walk just the same
Your charm is a pleasure yet an ever changing cage
It's like I walked into a dagger, took a step back
You turned around and didn't look back

I'm a rusty nail, you're an iron maid
You closed the coffin on everything I've saved
A red petal fallen, onto a concrete mass
A dark memento, every time you pass

Please, walk back to me
Because three kings are all I see

Red, White, fire in the night
Where are you going, dressed so well?
Blue, White, fire in the night
Where are you going, dressed like hell?

Please, walk back to me
Cause, three kings are all I see

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    General CommentThis song is so understated and beautiful, but I have no idea what the lyrics mean. My best gleaning points to the narrator having a destructive relationship, yet she doesn't want him to leave her, for whatever reason. (I feel like the 'three kings' are a Biblical reference; does anyone know for sure?)
    mister care-too-muchon November 15, 2009   Link
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    General CommentOkay, I'll give this a try, since it's a gorgeous song and people need to try and pick at it...

    I agree with blue.painted.tears that this is about some kind of destructive relationship. (For convience's sake, the narrator's maybe writing about a lover, so I'll just use 'he'.) He traps her in a cage with his charm and puts her in a coffin. Generally, he's stunting her. She also talks about walking into a dagger (the title's 'Dagger', too). I get the feeling that she's saying she realizes she's no longer the same person because of this relationship, that he's killed her (the coffin works with this, too). Even though she goes through her life, she feels stunted and dead inside. It seems like he left her, but she still feels trapped by his treatment of her, or her feelings for him ("please walk back to me"). Obviously he thinks of her as unimportant, since he watched her fall and kept walking on.

    I don't get much of the rest... especially the end, and eespecially the three kings reference. I agree that it's probably biblical, but I can't think of what it means. I just think of their giving gifts, and I can't piece that in here. Maybe she needs something from him? It's kind of a stretch.

    shinybunnyon January 09, 2011   Link

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