Is it too much for you too soon, does it haunt you?
Are you afraid to follow through?
Is it too much for you too soon, like perfume when it turns on you
Fear sucks the senses like a leak, feast upon the emptiness that is increased
All you need is time, but time recedes behind

I'd like to say i'm wrong, the passing years don't seem that long
The stream of fate goes on and on and on
I'd like to say i'm strong, never do i feel afraid
Of all the mistakes i made along the way

Fear stalks you like a beast, feast upon the loneliness that is unleashed
But all we need is time, all we need is time, but time retreats behind

Through the eye of time go i

Stalk the senses, stalk the beast, stalk the senses, come the beast
By the side of all we knew, we sat and talked and sat and talked
Up around the river bend i was separated from you
Up around the river bend we were separated in two

If you pass them at the station, you must ask them what they see
If you walk away without question, you will never find what you seek
All those worries were wrong - worse was what had begun

Did you diddle, did you daddle, did you run away from the scene?
Where is sanctuary from the battle that is coming into being?
There's no walkabout on the morning of the day of catastrophe
If you wake up finding it boring, try ignoring what you see
Don't you see?
Bring down the rain to wash what remains

Running down the fire escape, i burn myself but that's okay
Must keep on moving, keep the faith that maybe we can get away
Waiting for the winds to change and radiation blows away
I scan the crowds for signs of you - i'll wait for you, i'll wait for you

I'm only losing, storms may be round me, there's no illusion for me

If you walk away without question, will you recognize what you see
On the morning of the disaster that is vaster than you'd believe
All my anger is gone, only sadness hangs on
Worse is what has begun - it has begun

There's no illusion, stars may be lonely, no more intrusion of me
There is nothing left for me, there is nothing more from me
I'm singing to the rain

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