Little boy
why did you have to chase me so hard
didn't your mother show you what to do
didn't your father tell you not to push
Little boy
we could have been great friends
but you frightened me to death you see
you made a rabbit out of me
and now we can't go back to being anything
perhaps I ought to thank you
for you took my innocence away
and made me cruel
how did you know I'd need that later on
you taught me to hide and you taught me to lie
and to tremble at the telephone
to scream but never cry
surely you were wise beyond your years
for you planted in me unknown fears
that since I've met time and again
I wish I could have known it then
I might have been grateful for the experience
rather than for the darkness
so useful to the hunted deer who doesn't know the way
but really I would not have known
into how many arms a girl will let herself be thrown
just to escape the one who wants her most
better to dance with ten who won't remember her name
than to be asked by one who can't forget it
Little boy
you made me feel guilt that day
which never fully went away
you told the world you hated me
and that's when I began to see
how much it must have hurt
to have dressed up in your first clean shirt
and hope like hell she'd understand
the things you felt, and take your hand
but damn you little boy I never had a chance
you couldn't see I wasn't ready
for what you monsters call romance
Little boy
you never looked at me the same
as though you didn't know my name
and in the end you made me hate myself for hurting you
but no one ever stopped to tell me what I ought to do
Little boy
maybe someday you'll walk my way
and listen to the song I play
and if you're still fond of passing notes
perhaps we'll shed our children's coats
and talk an hour or two of what's become of us and why
that finally we might say hello, forgive, and say goodbye.

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    General CommentI really like how Emilie repeats "little boy" because it makes it sound like she's writing letters to him or something. The reference to the rabbit is my favorite, but the end is well written as well.
    jenni adrenochrome.on March 05, 2009   Link
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    General Commentthis suggest the relationship happened between two children

    I can't see how not crying is useful

    this reminds me of gothic lolita
    "I couldn't love if me pretty life depended on it"
    I have not found my guarded behavior beneficial
    so many I have seen fall away
    Matt Holckon July 13, 2009   Link
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    General CommentTo me this poem is about two children, one who has innocence, and one who does not. The one who does doesn't realized she is being tricked by the other. All in all it is a really good poem. The imagery is absolutely stunning.
    DarkPoet4on December 10, 2009   Link
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    General CommentIt shows how she was raped as a child, at a very early age.
    The person who "stole" her innocence was probably a close friend of hers, whom she has known since her childhood and she grew up with them.
    She's blaming herself for the way they treated her, and said that it's hard to trust people now because of that one first experience.
    teapotasylum16on December 22, 2010   Link

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