What is feeling if it can be smashed so easily?
Have I built up anything in the
course of a happy day that cannot be torn down by tomorrow’s inevitable
sorrows? Am I so fragile that a word from the outside of the transparent orb that
encloses my physical self, being said, pricks the invisible dome and leaves me
utterly defenseless against the onslaught of everyday realities? And what is to be
said for rebuilding that shell? Will it provide me anything more than a few short
hours of divine oblivion? Ah, but what can be accomplished in a few short hours?
Many great things and these things, if carefully constructed, may perhaps furnish
a sort of hospital waiting room wherein, when I am next divested of my orb, I
might pass the time in slightly more comfortable surroundings than had I been
rushed directly to the operating table.

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Rant 2 (Poem) song meanings
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    My InterpretationShe is wonderful, and this poem was never one of my favourites but I can't deny that it is genius.
    My interpretation is that she's questioning the point of trying to 'get back on the horse' (or in her case, rebuilding her 'invisible orb') when she knows that any second she's going to be pushed right off it again. But, in a way, she's done exactly that: she's become so used to being let down time after time that she's become desensitised, and, in fact, found peace within her disappointment (e.g. being provided with comfort in a 'hospital waiting room') which is far better than healing herself completely (e.g. 'rushed straight to the operating table') only to be hurt again. There's something both sad and brilliant about the dry, sarcastic humour in her tone, pointing out the irony that being stuck in the waiting room, still wounded, is a lot better than being cured only to be poisoned five minutes later (e.g. when she talks about what can be constructed even in her despair, the oxymoron of a 'divine oblivion' is a perfect synopsis of this state of being).
    She seems to replicate this theme in her Asylum world (among other things) - she makes her prison a sanctuary rather than escaping it completely, because finding the humour in a dark event is a much more effective way of coping than moving away from it all (but this of course means there must be some fear that it can catch up to her if she escapes it - is this really better if she's invincible, but afraid?). I suppose this kind of 'protection' prevents a relapse, but it's also a double-edged sword as anyone would inevitably become sarcastic or even bitterly desensitised to their (or other people's) emotions.
    I think this poem is a brilliant reflection of Emilie's strength but also her demons, because on one hand she's hardened against the painful things thrown at her, but she's also been forced to become closed off to anything else because there's fear that if she lets it in, it can be taken away just as easily.

    It's debatable which is better: never letting anyone or anything in because that way nothing can take you down again, or taking the risk for its rewards and then dealing with the loss if it is destroyed. It's a catch 22, and quite a tragic one.

    I'm speaking more from my own experience so perhaps Emilie would deny that that was what she meant at all and perhaps I'm seeing myself reflected rather than Emilie, but it's just my interpretation, anyway.
    AureliaXon February 20, 2014   Link
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    General Commentone seeks a project to lead to some invented purpose to forget helpless idleness

    but even I desire company in my musing
    Matt Holckon November 14, 2015   Link

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