Hello world my name is insomnia,
cause I’d rather fight my thoughts then sleep
I believe I rather like this feeling in my hands
and I’m obsessed with not the thought of you
but the thought of what we should be
and I believe that I’ve lost touch with
the concious side of me

I drink myself stupid till
your name does not even ring a bell
this glass is my prescription
overdosed on new addictions
lady luck skipped my name
she blessed the world
and left my head for dead
love drunk from bottle kissing
all’s good when I’ve got whiskey

stop the noise stop all the talking
stop theses thoughts there too loud
there screaming in different directions
on how to deal with what I am now
so yeah I’ve gone a tad bit over board
but I guess thats what this shit will do
when you’ve fallen and your heart just wont move

gather round now everybody
I’ve got a story and I’ll start from the top
I met a demon back at the ocean
raise your glass to their love potions

roll the dice
cause the boys want another drink
hurry up
lets get drunk
passed out
your face is but a blur to me
my eyes close
and i fold

lately I’ve been having these strange dreams
and they tend to frighten me so I cant’ sleep in
in my dreams
(in my dreams)
I’m so deadly
(I’m deadly)
don’t you wish
(I’m deadly)
I bet you wish you’d never met me

roll the dice
the boys want another drink
passed out
your face is but a blur to me
my eyes close and i fold

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    My InterpretationI'll be the first to interpret this song.

    It is about a guy who is love sick about a girl he is either in love with or really wants, but she doesnt feel the same. So he has found that drinking his problems away has helped.

    He cant get her off his mind, "hello world my name is insomnia because i'd rather fight my thoughts than sleep" so he drinks till he passes out so he doesnt think about it.
    pursuitofhappinesson December 20, 2009   Link

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