"The Kettle Black" as written by and Jacob Rolleston....
when the cavalry clears
and the limbs of our peers
lay around us like sticks in the mud
we'll say to ourselves,
"where's the heaven in this hell?"
we're on a ladder without any rungs

with the ash of our friends in our lungs

that's enough about the war
how's my dear elanor?
have you heard back from william or kate?
i've been getting the shakes
from lack of sleep as of late
and my breath always reaks of escape

i'll be home soon and hopefully safe

if you love me, you won't make a scene
when i get home please just leave me be
if you love me, then don't make a scene
when i get home please just leave me be

twenty years to date of this close and some say
henry saved us from missing our lives
he was buried away to the ground and the blame
that poor elanor kept stored away

well his breath always reaked of escape...

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    General CommentAbsolutely love it. Does anyone have tabs/chords for it?
    Siamese_spoonson November 28, 2008   Link
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    General CommentBeautiful and so very personal. I love it.
    youkaininja11on June 05, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about a soldier reading a letter that his brother, friend, or service-man had written.

    The soldier who wrote the letter is describing the horrid experience of war to his lover, Eleanor via letter.

    He goes on to state that hopefully he'll be home soon, so it implies that he is part of a game-ending strategy or plan to end the war.

    He asks Eleanor to not ask questions or prod his experience out in the shit, but to leave him be so he can put it away with time.

    Obviously though, The author of the letter didn't survive that strategy but succeeded in executing it because the person reading the letter says, "They only saved us from missing our lives"

    Which would raise the question, who is us? I think it was the group of soldiers that made it home alive due to the heroes that died in the final battle.

    This person who is reading the letter knows the authors lover, Eleanor, because he says she put away the blame that she felt about not being able to help her lover keep his life.

    The reader has a final thought implying that he knew the man who saved them all. He states that the hero's breath always reeked of escape.

    What an amazing song.
    deviousChion October 14, 2011   Link

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