I am an anarchist
An antichrist
An asterisk
I am an anorak
An acolyte
An accidental
I am eleven feet
Okay, eight
Six foot three
I fought the british and I won
I have a rocket ship
A jet fighter
A paper airplane
Ja ja ja ja ja

Say what you will, I am the kill
The only thing that keeps you really truly safe from being real

I have a tendency
To exaggerate
Just a little bit
I am a plagiarist
A walruscokeheadlizard
I am an optimist
A closeted misogynist
I fought the british and I won
I have a wishing well a living will a magical eight ball
Ja ja ja ja ja

Say what you will, I am the kill
The only thing that keeps you really truly safe from being real

Put pat sajak back in office
Put pat sajak back in office

But the sun still sets on you
And the retarded party nobody came to but you
And so you drink to all the emptiness until you wake up
And there? s hell to pay again

And the punch lines point at you
And all the comebacks in the world are in your head
And you can? t say them until everybody leaves
And it? s just you and your imaginary friends?

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The Kill Lyrics as written by Amanda Palmer

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    General CommentThis may well refer to America and it's leaders.

    I think the first set of lyrics may refer to the different leaders although being Brittish I haven't a clue who.

    "I am eleven feet, okay eight, six foot three." Perhaps means the fact that America tends to exaggerate their power perhaps, only admiting the fault when they themselves are proven wrong.

    "I fought the Brittish and I won." Could refer to those leaving England when they first moved to America, or it could refer to the fact that the England has become the lapdog of America, and that they have been beaten down into their place.

    "I am Rocket Ship, a Jet Fighter, a paper Airplane."
    Refering to the powers of America perhaps and the decline. First onto the moon, then winners and leaders in war. I think paper airplane is perhaps the fear of war, a metaphor of power that could be there, or could just be a bluff.

    "I have a tendency, to exaggerate, just a little bit"
    Pretty self explanatory, for example, exaggerating the weapons that Iraq might or might not have had to having definate weapons of mass destruction.

    "I am an optimist
    A closeted
    I think this refers to the way America always say something along the lines of things will get better, and they promise a better future for everyone one.
    And also the fact that it is still harder for women to make it, they don't get the same pay, the same respect or job possibilities. Amanda, being female will know this well.

    The last stanza stands out to me.
    Although, as far as I was aware, rather than the lyric being "The punchlines poisoned you" It was "The punchlines point at you" though I don't know for sure.

    But America is the but of everyone's jokes, don't shoot the messenger guys, but there is so much hatred toward the USA.

    "All the comebacks in the world are in your head"
    You have all the right things to do or say to get us back, to expose other countries but the next line shows you can't, and if you do, then all that will be left is the USA on it's own with it's fake allies and fairweather friends that leave at the first sign of trouble.

    My take on it, if it is related to America,of course, it could be related to Amanda herself.
    Aranoron August 20, 2008   Link
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    General Commentamazing song.. and closest translation of the album version ive seen, but it's still "truly safe from being real" and "living will" not well
    thest0rysofaron June 04, 2008   Link
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    General CommentIt's not "A lawless calculator", its A walrus, Gecko, Lizard, Ah oh
    meifuon August 30, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis song has the same realist, autobiographical ring to it as "The Perfect Fit". I think that most of it is her putting together a bunch of vague statements to explain the way her mind works. In social psychology, it states that the two needs that people are concerned with are the need to be accurate and the need to feel good about themselves. Through this song, Amanda is trying to reconcile these two needs by taking what she's tried to imagine herself as and tearing it down to what she believes she actually is.
    xShanion August 31, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI agree with xShani totally. This seems like a second draft so to speak of "The Perfect Fit." The lyrics have the same introspective feel, although he song itself is much more aggressive in nature. However, the entire second half seems more difficult to interpret...
    Karma policemanon September 27, 2008   Link
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    General CommentA lot of people have said that this song is political and refers to America. And yes it probably is and I think it's absolutely wonderful.


    this song can also mean other things for other people, such as myself. I can relate to this song as a person. Everything she describes I feel like that is me and it reminds me of a friend and I who fight all the time, and how he once called me all these horrible things and I tried to explain that, that's just who I am. And also how one night I called him out on all the things I hated about him...we have one screwed up relationship. But I love him anyway. I am the Kill, the only thing that keeps him real.
    DaniBillyon September 04, 2010   Link
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    Lyric Correctioni have the Virgina Companion in front of me and
    the lyrics are not "a lawless calculator"
    but they are "a walrus cokehead lizard ah-oh!"
    stevenssmon July 26, 2011   Link
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    General Commentit's also a song about struggling with one-self (besides the political meaning, which i think is right). i think that, every song in some way, relates to its author; because if you didn't feel anything then you couldn't write anything at all... and amanda seems to be the one who talks openly about herself and the world.

    the thing is, i think "the kill" is about being divided by different parts of you, such as the one who claims to be "the kill". it takes her and by pretending to be many many things (some of them quite weird such as an anorak, or accidental and then you jump to mysoginist, with no apparent logic). i guess that part of herself is that arrogance, that desperately needs to feel big, arrogant, everything. so this fake/mean part of her keeps her from being real and no matter what the weak part tries, this 'antonyme'exerces her power over her...

    in some way it's how politics and power move, by doming others, transform them so they agree with it (promises, laws, whatever). but it's a hollow thing, a damn lie. that big and arrogant part of you is fake and alone, and letting it take your decisions and transform you won't help. no matter it's the kill it is all alone and you have to stand up by yourself, listen to your own advices, no politician (or whatever BIG power) should adoctrinate you.
    Merlineon April 23, 2012   Link
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    General CommentAmazing song...

    "A closeted

    I just thought it was interesting that the word 'misogynist' means someone who hates women. So, she secretly hates women.
    PunkyDrumrChikon August 04, 2008   Link

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