Well, the name of the racket is mutual pleasure.
With a quota to fill and pages to cover.
Well, they're all full of violence, cheap sex and property.
And owe a middle class debt and wage slave lottery.

Well it all tastes like apathy and shrug shouldered boredum.
Keep turning that crank and doing your job son. (yeah!)

Well theres a damn brunette wrapped in bronze patent leather.
She got hands on her flesh and a gaze "Come hither".
High, high heels and a low self-esteem.
Ink on glossy paper she's a real wild thing.

With some tape, pair of scissors you can re-arrange her.
And she playing by the rules she keep her mouth SHUT.
She a real good woman, stick to her role.
Yeah she stays in her place, she dont put up a fight. (Thats a good dame).

Well the pictures they tell me what it takes to be a man.
I need a high paying job and buy as much as i can.
And I aint' really strong without a gun in my hand.
With a mouth full of meat I choke "United We Stand!"
I gotta drink, fuck, and fight i love my automobile.
And i pledge my allegence to invisible boundarys.
And I can't ever let no lady get the best of me. (Gotta keep that upper hand, Right?!)

Well all the teachers and the preachers they got long wooden noses.
They tell me I'll be fine if i just compete.
I stand in line and I sing with their chior.
Do my part in society to aquire and produce.
And i sit in my seat and accept my submission.
Tell me never to rise unless i ask for permission.

Well the old tricky part now is convincing the children.
Should keep their fingers wrapped tight around the rope thats tugging.
Make that old tired game look hip & unique.
Make sure the motives are properly hidden.
Tell them every equation is solved absolute.
That theres good guys and bad guys like an old silent movie.
Oh, so the father will die for an intangability.
Well i guess thats just the cost of freedom and liberty. (Yeah! Aint it sweet! Aint it sweet?)

Well the pen and the paper is a rock in the ocean.
Screams in a vacuum, hands in the copper's cuffs.
Story book dreaming for the hopeless romantic.
Don't be fooled thats just the way that they planned it.

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Screams In A Vacuum song meanings
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    General CommentMatt Embree
    Mitch2742on May 22, 2008   Link
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    General CommentA complete social outcry... his obvious disgust in how people every single day are manipulated and taught how to think and are influenced by things such as advertising, upper class, wealth, the media, politics, ya da ya da, it is making the issue of individualism more than a single idea. It is formed by the things that surround us, the influence that is, and Matt Embree points out how easy it is to ignore/disregard this and rather how hard it is to form your own opinions, thoughts and concerns.

    He wraps it up brilliantly with the line "Don't be fooled thats just the way that they planned it" The world needs more people who think like this guy, or at least have the voice and mind to lay it all out there... just my thoughts
    bmill574on June 28, 2008   Link

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