"Robophobia" as written by and Alexander P Kane Benjamin P Cooper....
Their mouths move but I can't hear them
Their voices sound like televisions when they're tuned to snow
And I'm wondering just what they know
They can't sleep, they have no eye lids
Their bodies hum just like our heaters in the microwaves
But their heads turn, and they'll be watching you

And this is not a joke my boy
They're not something we understand

They don't think or live the way we do
Their finger's bend, but it's not because they tell them to
They don't breathe or drink anything
They say they don't need things that we still need
And now I'm wondering just what that means

They don't sleep, they have no eyelids
I hear them moving near my window when I'm down for bed
I think they're after what's inside my head
I can't think, the wheels keep spinning
There's more of this than I can see, I'm not sure what they need
But my hands are tied, there's nothing much that I can do

And this is not a joke my boy
They're not like us, parts are missing

There's no hearts or blood inside their chest
They don't feel, or laugh, no shame, or regret
Don't know just what it means
To lose some things that you cannot get back
And now I'm terrified of what they lack

Oh, they'll come for our heads
They'll come for our heads
Oh, they'll come for our heads
They'll come for...

I heard a knock on the door
But there was no answer
I peaked through the crack
And the hand pulled me through

They dragged me outside then
And you tried to stop them
But there were too many
You did what you could

Lyrics submitted by Alley-oop21, edited by SephNite

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    General Commenthe's speaking in place for someone hysterically talking about robots through the first 2 paragraphs, in my head, its an old grandpa with severe emotional problems who gets a hold of his grandson and warns him of the evils of robots. this is just my point of view. but for the rest of the song he tells of his experiences with these terrible robots, moving outside his window at night, his hands are tied so he cant do anything about it(mental asylum?). the end of the song he is dragged outside with someone witnessing and a band of robots attacked him. FEAR OF ROBOTS?!?
    jakegpvon October 02, 2008   Link
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    General Commentthe robots are a metaphor to people who are already "dead". and just live life as if they are a machine. doing what they are trained to do without questioning it or without feeling...well... human.
    enjoyyourrootson October 19, 2008   Link
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    General Commentrobophobia is the fear of robots. but this song is more so the fear of becoming one himself.
    enjoyyourrootson October 19, 2008   Link
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    General CommentWhen I first heard this song months ago I was amazed. I had a conversation with my girlfriend about how there are 2 people in my world - humans and robots. It's a theory that rings true in my life. The robots are programmed to respond a certain way. They may act like humans and they may act like they feel emotions and they make trick you - but you have to be really careful about who is human and who is not. The humans feel emotion, love, hope, sadness, depression, disappointment, hatred, shame and a million other things.

    You can put two robots together in a room. They'll talk about current events and things in their lives at that point. You put them together a few times a week for a year and they still only talk about what happens in their lives today - they don't talk about their emotions, they don't talk about their past, they don't talk about who they are because they are no one. They're hollow shells. Sometimes they have moments where human qualities shine through, but it's because they're programmed so well these days. The soap operas teach them a lot on how to behave in certain situations.

    Humans will make an almost instant connection and connect the things of today to what happened years ago. They apply their knowledge learned from past experiences. They feel nostalgia and have memories that they yearn for and know the importance of their past. Their past made them who they are today. But they also understand that they can shape who they are tomorrow. The robots are robots - some learn more than others, but they don't have intricate thoughts. Humans develop theories about people, the world, and everything else in the universe.

    I am a human and I'm here to say that you aren't alone. You've never fit in because you've always been surrounded by emotionless robots. You've never felt "perfectly happy" because you understand that there will always be pain and sadness and that it's just as important to express those emotions as happiness and joy. You're not alone. You need to learn how to find other humans and maintain those connections. There are many tactics for doing this, however I don't believe anyone has compiled an actual list. Learn, grow, laugh, love. Don't change for anyone but yourself. Be you and will live an incredible life.
    bdollson July 14, 2009   Link

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