Won the battle, so now buy me clothes
lets make believe that we're better off alone
well its me i emplore
I store smiles down in the basement
even in a perfect world we could not breathe
now im choosing my battles
now im herding the cattle
now im choosing my battles
i am the sow
You remind me of someone
you remind me of someone else
we could not get up here, the stairs have collapsed on top of us
no one said it was my responsibiilty
well ill get this done
we are up on our backs, helpless infact but slowly moving
nine to five we slave for people that are underage
i m slowly moving
im slowly moving
oh its the best feeling, thinking of your new goals in life
I never wanted this to happen
but it always does
it's so funny when you speak of love so fluently; you have ruined me. when will this end, when will this end
I saved the gats for you and i, decide
we've got to save the weekends for getting our minds blown out
we've got to find the best way for shutting their fucking mouths
when will this end
when will this fucking end?
Well judgement day is tuesday so get your rabbit foots out
Its like we've never felt so
ill drive the boat, ill drive the boat
Its like we've never felt so
Ill drive the boat im arming the laser
Its like we never felt so
Never felt so great, never felt so gold
Never felt so
Gold it hurts
Diamond flavor

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The Robot With Human Hair Pt. 3 song meanings
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    General Commenthere is a note to take when interpreting dgd lyrics, probably 95% of the time the screaming and singing do no really have to do with each other, but end up sounding like they do.
    the screamed parts are a hate song on the music industry mainly
    but the first line has two references, one is referring to all those stupid shitty clothing companies that give us free clothes to wear on stage so kids will think they are cool, and the other one is personal ha
    actually i think i could give two meanings to all the lyrics
    JonMess123on August 23, 2008   Link
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    General CommentIn a broad spectrum of the meaning for this song, I think it's blatantly clear, to me anyways, that this song deals with different factors of life. In this song we see similes and comparisons to love, work ie a job, money, our future, different ways of relieving stress, trying to overcome obstacles in life, inhumane thoughts, and trying to escape the 'prison' life we lead. I'm intrigued to hear what everyone else thinks of the meaning.
    leftaparton May 12, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI have a feeling this song is about jonny

    and how he fucked them up, and people don't appreciate their music now that they have gotten rid of jonny, and their too busy missing him

    and that they are coming back slowly but surely, and how their changing and have new ideas for everything

    i think
    Tendoson May 12, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti love this song.
    kurt fits the spot. i am happy i can unerstand what he sings
    unlike jonny although jonny is amazing singer as well and i love
    the direction emarosa is in along with dgd.
    i am so happy cannot wait for both
    dgd and emarosa's new cds!!

    "even in a perfect world we cant breathe."
    love that line..
    i wish i knew or had idea what this is about.
    but dunno.
    i agree with tendos.
    I dream no more...on May 13, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti think the last few lines are referring to the fact that they finally feel good because jonny is gone and he was such a negative impact on the rest of the band in the lines, "we never felt so, Never felt so great, never felt so gold"
    and then they go on to admit that they sacrificed some stuff to feel this much better like losing the amazing vocalist that jonny was when they say, "Gold it hurts"

    but then again this is dance gavin dance so you have no fucking idea what they're talking about...they're about as hard to understand what the song means as jonny is to comprehend
    Shortydudeon May 14, 2008   Link
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    General Commentoh and also the line "we've got to find the best way for shutting their fucking mouths" sounds exactly like he's saying "we've got to find the best way for jonny to fuck his loves"... maybe coincidence, but i think jon mess is taking a stab at jonny's arrogance and self-centeredness there

    and i love the line "Well judgement day is tuesday so get your rabbit foots out"...brilliant
    Shortydudeon May 14, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti had doubts about their new singer,
    but i love this song, it's great.
    & so they remain the best band, ever.

    "lets make believe that we're better off alone"
    fav line ^^

    sharnilgon May 26, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI have to disagree with you Tendos, well not only you, but everyone else above who seems to concur with the idea you threw out there. I'm not saying its wrong, I just disagree in it entirely. If you know Dance Gavin Dance, at all, then you should know they aren't the kind of people that are going to dwell on crap like what happened with Johnny, let alone dedicate an entire song to its misbehaving and bad treatment to the band. Think about it, why would they? You can say 'well whatever' but any true DGD fan knows this to be true. Anyways, Kurt has no association or discrepancies with Johnny, so why the hell would he sing about something concerning someone who has never even harmed him before? Just give it a thought. Johnny doesn't deserve the respect to have a song written about him.
    leftaparton May 26, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti meant it as its a new beginning for dgd and their putting shit behind them and they aren't going to worry what people think about them now that they've replaced someone, there just going to keep playing music and keep making music their true fans have come to love regardless

    thats what i mean

    ithe whole song isnt about jonny, its about how he fucked them over a little and now they are "reborn" so to say, and they have a new outlook on things.
    Tendoson May 27, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti'm sorry, but no matter how many problems johnny may have caused, he's a better vocalist. kurt is fine too, just...not the same.
    his new band, emarosa, is releasing their full-length album, relativity, in a few days.
    i've already downloaded it, and he's absolutely amazing in most of their songs.

    ~he should go back to dance gavin dance; and they should take him back.
    tahjxmasson June 02, 2008   Link

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