you're taking constant risks by diguising your thoughts
and ignoring your habits
always trying to be everything that you're not
and you never will be those things
you've got big plans to make a working robot
but you'll never do it, no you won't ever do it

our basement is like a whole different town
in which we can't breathe at all
I can't take the summer this heat's stirring around
I'm just waiting around for fall
'cause then the warm air goes up and the cold air comes down
so I can feel my bones, that is if I've still got 'em

and I can see why you think it's hard
he said as he turned to me,

"day breaks hard but you can't complain 'cause
at least it's here and will probably stay
until our thoughts stop processing in our brains
and there's no more use for arms and legs
until we've grown them again in another body
and the old ones we've left in the ground are rotting
but we'll never remember a single thing 'cause
a new life can only make new memories."

our legs are pumping out hard, pushing us across
a green open field
jumping right off a cliff, suddenly our pains lost
and we never will feel again
diving deeper and deeper but our breath's not at loss
we breathe this blackened water
passed out in blackened water

you told me everything would change but not in this way
so how come everything is different but the same

5. Local Anesthetic
well you could go on with your life
but I would still stay pissed at you
you talk so loud you drown the sound
of everything in the room

we marched out onto that dark street
and stood there staring at the moon
you thought you were the smartest thing
that ever wore those ugly shoes

and I'd pay for you to have surgery
and have that fucking mouth sewn shut
and maybe while you're in those sheets
they could make you feel every goddamn cut

I'd like to think you've found a friend
but I know that won't ever happen
I guess you'll never figure out
how to grow up

well everyone you think you know
well they all really know the truth
so you might as well leave your mask
on the table of the booth

oh I think you know all the things you cause
why do you feel that this is necessary?
don't talk so loud, you'll break my thoughts
you were lucky once, but now this is all you've got
fill your pockets 'til there's no room left

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