"Dutty Clap feat. Jim Jones" as written by Joseph Jones, Al-rad H. Lewis, Melvin Williams and Sean Williams....
Verse 1
May been shifty, since a likkle pickney
While idiot boy dem on the strip try and stick me
He from Harlem, down to Brixton, you know
We cop whips with kicks and pinstripe uno
Who wanna test, Mr. Don Dada
Who rock Prada, so go suck ya mumma
See, blow the track out, Jim's in the house now
Man done shook out, gull the skin out ya
What you check boy you running yuh lip
You get smoked like I'm bunning a spliff
You sonofabitch
This is blitz town, and if some boy a come
When we spit rounds on your town, then you run silly
Bluck papa, done doggin' top shotta
In love with fame and the stardom
Oh, now what's the remedy on all ties
Spit 16 bars, the streets want more fire, see

Mega & Jim Jones:
Jim Jones:
You with me, then clap (clap)
Keep moving yor back (back)
You do it like that (that)
Stay in tune with the track
We flippin' them baggies
My niggaz is aggie
From Brixton to Hagney
East Finchley Apache

Verse 2
Spit in Juan, when you see that link is on
Got the linkest charm, by the time you blink it's gone
Ayo, I run for it, yuh done know my gun blow
Buck and aim, if you F'in' around like Sonny Dames of
Sneezies man, believe me man
I'm off the heezy and got the greasy plan
Your crew sweet like a he-she man
That's why the youths in the street call you Chi-Chi man
I get respect in the streets, smoke and sex in the jeep
Sittin' back, sip the yac', you be stressin' the freaks
Spittin' raps, not a skit on my meat
Cuz I'm thick from the, fitted cap to the crest in my feet
I ain't conceited, believe it, I'm just fillin' I'm jade
The pull Benz, got the gat and I'm feelin' the kid
Yo, I'm good to go, and it's evident fam
I leave a nigga pon de river like Elephant Man


Verse 3
Jim Jones:
Jim Jones a gangsta, stay blown and ganked up
I'm rollin' that stank stuff, the chrome on my tank truck
What, interior suede roof
Fly 'til I die, like izzo in suede boots
Yeah, let's talk about ice, the chain on my neck
Looks like New York in it's lights, cocaine on my jets
I'm a New Yorker for life, new Porsche in white
Who thought of this life, two wrongs make it right
I'ma get lost in the light, I speed in my cars
Outlaw all my life, police on my car
Cuz I don't pause for the light, I don't show no respect
Dipset out in Euro, S.A.S., we connect


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