You finally nailed it down
It's something in the water
It hits them in the spirit sublime
And skips along the spine

You wave your arms like wings
And race along the rooftops of this boring little town
I saw you almost flying there
You'd think of nothing else

I see
Your shadow fall away
Leave me on the ground
Poughkeepsie's always proud
Poughkeepsie's always proud
You keep me like a cold
You keep me like a cold
Poughkeepsie's getting old

You finally pulled it off
And made yourself a hero
Lay the world down at your feet
And snip off what you like
Pick me, oh please

I saw you almost smiling
It was almost really nice
So I almost took a picture
Nearly mailed it in
It was almost on the front page
Of Poughkeepsie's only paper
Poughkeepsie's finest
They'll print anything about you now
You cannot forget
Poughkeepsie's always proud
Find another friend and run him to the ground
You can count on anyone but me

You finally nailed it down
It's something in the water
Poughkeepsie's always proud
Of Poughkeepsie's favorite daughter

Pick me, oh please...

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    General CommentI think this is your basic big-fish-in-a-small-pond story. This person is huge in Poughkeepsie--but who cares; it's Poughkeepsie! And yet they've got attitude like they're really important.

    I don't know...a few years ago I escaped, at approximately the same time, from both my hometown (guess where!) and from a toxic "friendship" with someone who was more interested in having a sidekick to validate her than in having an actual two-way friendship. This song sums up both those breakups, all in one.

    (And for whatever it's worth, Poughkeepsie's only paper will print anything about ANYBODY.)
    gravity_defianton September 15, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationI generally agree that the basic story is a big fish-small pond story, but with an especially bitter twist. This person has been screwed over by his former friend, who has achieved some level of success and fame by leaving "Poughkeepsie" and everything else behind for better prospects. She got out, probably with his help and support, and he didn't.

    When "Poughkeepsie's favorite daughter" returns, everyone except the former friend is excited. Instead, he remembers their broken relationship, including the good times when they were young, with a deeply sardonic filter.

    I think about this song whenever I go home and run into someone from high school.

    honestaloysiaon December 28, 2011   Link

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