"Hard Time Lovin You" as written by and Sherrie Austin....
Well hello again
I thought that you were gone
I've been hearin that same line
For who knows just how long
Now you try to tell me
You're gonna give me one more chance
I got news, I don't need you, or your cryin song and dance
Save it for some one who cares
What you got to say I don't wanna hear (don't wanna hear)
Girl you aint no good for my heart
We both know that's true
So don't keep sayin your good for me
I done hard time lovin you

Why do you keep sayin, the same old desperate lies
Nothin you can say or do, is gonna change my mind
Why do you keep trying, to pretend what aint been done
Life with you was just like looking down the barrel of a loaded gun
You that blind that you can't see
What you're so called offence done to me
You just mean
I can't trust you with my
And we both know that's true
Don't keep sayin you're good for me
I done hard time loving you

I should be in the ICU baby

Before you go, I wanna give you a piece of my mind
That the next poor fool you prey on
You better wear a warning sign
Cuz what you done, it sure aint right
Instead you left my heart, it should be a crime
It aughta be a crime
You're just bad news from the start
Don't say it aint true
You know I got the scars to prove it, girl
From doin hard time lovin you

I did hard time lovin you
I did hard time lovin you
I did hard time lovin you
I did hard time lovin you

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