"Tell Me Why" as written by and Mark Traa Daniels Marcos Curiel....
A day with no glory
A heart filled with fear
Still repeating his story
To make ourselves clear
A voice is unheard when it shouts from the hills
Your king in his castle
Never died on this feels

His blood on your hands
A smile on your face
But wicked intentions
When his money to be made
A room with no windows
And a heart that can't feel
Shame with no convictions and a view to a kill

Tell me why
And why must we fight
And why must we kill in the name of what we think is right
And no more
No war
Is how do you know

The hate in your eyes
The lies on your tongue
A hand that kills the innocence who quit to do wrong
Your belly is full
While we fight for what remains
The rich getting richer
While the poor become slaves

We kill our own brothers
The truth is never told
If victory is freedom
Then the truth is untold
Surrender your soldiers
Like everyone else
If love is my religion
Don't speak for myself


[Repeat x4]
And how do you know?


I'm living this life
I'm givin' this lies
And how do I die for the name of what you think is right
And no more
Oh Lord
Is how do we know
And how do we know?

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"Tell Me Why" as written by Mark Traa Daniels Marcos Curiel


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    General CommentI disagree I think every band has a right 2 express they believe in. I think it's dumb whenever people like u say stupid shit like that! If u dont like it dont listen to it!! Fucking Douchebag!
    Alejandro83on October 13, 2008   Link
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    General CommentAhh this song makes me feel slightly gloomy ;P

    It's just a song that seems to express how I felt in the young days. I always wanted answers as to why why why there were so many wars in the past, why everything felt so wrong. I personally feel really good when a band makes songs like this, it makes me feel like I'm not the only one with these thoughts and it makes me not forget about these thoughts either. We live in such a beautiful world and we destroy it with endless bombs ;P I just find it funny how we're at such a great time of human evolution and yet, everything is actually really corrupt.
    Dpak_13on January 19, 2010   Link
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    General CommentOkay everybody keeps saying that they are slamming Christianity, but in all reality he isnt slamming any religion. He is saying that we shouldn't fight just because somebody doesnt believe in God.
    auradiabloson May 07, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis song has nothing to do with any kind of religion. it just says that we, the citizens and soldiers, die for somebody else's belief and point of view.
    moreover, if you don't like these kind of songs - do not listen to them, even though i think that it's way better than all these "i'm-a-slutty-bitch-go-fuck-your-mother" songs.
    Open your mind for a different kind of lyrics.

    have fun.
    Lil85on June 11, 2010   Link
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    General CommentDamn, I hate it when my favorite bands start singing about politics. I don't wanna hear that crap in my music.
    amlamarraon September 12, 2008   Link
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    General CommentCalm down alejandro, if you can't handle people's opinions, you shouldn't be posting. I personally think it ruins a band when they start preaching things like this in their songs. Especially a Christian band, who's supposed to be preaching about Christ, instead he's slamming and insulting someone who he should be respectful of. Kinda makes me lose my respect for them, as it disappoints me and saddens me that they're turning in this direction when they used to be my favorite band as a kid and actually inspired me to be more faithful and religious when I turned into an adult. Now this just saddens me.
    Lostangeleson January 08, 2009   Link

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