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Bell the CAT writing poem: a/the LM. C composition: LM. C

Only the bait that does not fit everyday spite without that that able to tangle can じ and be always clogged a/the wild fancy daylong with a/the window side a/the that present condition

The motto is "proper. " It sharpens the unsociable nail with a/the birthplace 4, 5 times in a year to become serious and 畷 extermination

《主語なし》If even impulse today without that when ends able to become a/the wild fancy bird daylong with a/the window side it becomes the cloud that swims the sky where will sing

There is not the feeling that is the judo of the head that does not understand like the he fellow etc. that obtains a/the bone くわ and run about and conversation shake a/the ゃ tail to you etc.

《主語なし》It is not that entrust a/the pole and learn how a/the あ door to want to see the world where ゃ interest 昧 takes the trouble to open to whether good ness trash what and spread infinitely with this eye it takes the trouble to cause gone right away now and catch it with all these hands if it is the thing that wants without fail-it is bell the cat.

《主語なし》Blowing the present condition whistle that I saw even to a/the dream the next be the wave of the people that comes and goes thing everyone, primary color that touch will go where

The motto is "proper. " To become serious in a year 4, 5 times the unsociable abdomen pekoe with a/the birthplace even a/the machine disagreeable

There is not the feeling that even the name plunges the ゃ nail to the such you etc. that does not know even the face like enough he fellow etc. that wither the voice and bark

《主語なし》Taking the trouble to release the natural hand that it is bad amiability want to see 広 or the る world only be not free be doing if it is there the thing that takes the trouble to move right away how stability with this eye infinitely and want without fail all now right away

《主語なし》Trash what in whether the ゃ interest is あた after all う that love the fireplace of a/the house and become く when the positive sets even if it is nonexistent in the least pretension etc. that come back our good ざ way because I want to see the world where advances and spread infinitely with this eye and' I have it so bell the cat' and a/the cat!

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