"Old Enough" as written by and Brendan Benson John Anthony White....
You look pretty in your fancy dress
But I detect unhappiness
You never speak so I have to guess
You're not free

There, maybe when you're old enough
You'll realize you're not so tough
And some days the seas get rough
And you'll see

You're too young to have it figured out
You think you know what you're talking about
You think it will all work itself out
But we'll see

When I was young I thought I knew
You probably think you know too
Do you? Well do you?
I was naive just like you
I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do
Well, what's you gonna do?

And how have you gotten by so far
Without having a visible scar?
No one knows who you really are
They can't see

What's you gonna do (what's you gonna do)
What's you gonna do now
What's you gonna do (what's you gonna do)
What's you gonna do now
What's you gonna do (what's you gonna do)
What's you gonna do now
What's you gonna do (what's you gonna do)
What's you gonna do now
What's you gonna do now

The only way you'll ever learn a thing
Is to admit that you know absolutely nothing
Oh nothing
Think about this carefully
You might not get another chance to speak freely
Oh freely

Maybe when you're old enough
Maybe when you're old enough
Maybe when you're old enough
You're not free
You're not free

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"Old Enough" as written by Felice Bryant Brendan Benson

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    General CommentThe violin/fiddle (whatever you want to call it) gives this song a country feel, but it is counter-acted well with the guitar work of White/Benson. This song is really catchy, too, especially the beginning.

    I think it is an obvious song, about a girl who is mentally young and not mature enough to hand the world and/or true love because they are living blindly.
    The Drizzleon March 27, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis song is pretty much a lecture by White and Benson, reminding teenagers that they are NOT all that, and that they have a long way to go...but what would I know? I'm just a dumb teenager whos not old enough (haha dumb corny joke)
    rockinbilly3on April 25, 2008   Link
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    General Commentthey underestimate the wisdom of youth... honestly it seems a bit ridiculous to say that everyone who isn't old enough can't possibly know anything. yes experience breeds judgment but some of it is just built-in and depends on the person.
    neilschmeilon May 30, 2009   Link
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    General Commenti think its sort of funny how at the very end of the song after the music dies down, they start playing something random. Or maybe thats the next song? I dont think so.
    THe_Atomic_Punkon June 03, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti agree with The_Drizzle on the meaning.
    THe_Atomic_Punk, i heard some other chords playing too... i thought they were some of the chords to Ohio by Neil Young, but i might be wrong, that's just what i heard
    minisculexdiseaseon July 12, 2008   Link
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    General CommentPretty straightforward advice not to think you know more than you really do. Great song, soaring 70's rock.
    vesuviuson July 25, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti love that the whole song suggests that age is better, that the older person with wisom and experience seems superior. yet the last lines of the song are "Baby when you're old enough,
    you're not free" i guess it is true that teenagers (including myself) are too self important but at the same time we still have everything to gain out of life - which in my opinion is ok to be exited about.
    thinkpeaceon November 30, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI do not think it is so much about them ripping into teenagers.

    The first line definitely indicates that the narrator is talking to a female. The narrator could possibly be a mother or father of this woman, one way or the other I highly believe it is a parental figure. Once the parent says "but I detect unhappiness" it indicates that they are concerned for their child.

    All the way up to the "what you gunna do now"'s it sounds like the parent is giving the child advice and trying to persuade him or her out of doing something, possibly marriage. Trying to keep their child from making a similar mistake that they themselves once made.

    After the daughter makes up their mind the parent then says one of the wisest quotes a parent could tell a child "Think about this carefully You might not get another chance to speak freely" meaning that once you marry this man it doesn't matter how unhappy you are, because when children are involved (when you're old enough) you are not free.
    RyaNCAAon June 22, 2010   Link
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    General Comment"And how have you gotten by so far
    Without having no visible scar"

    i think its about kids thinking that drugs and alcohol is "kool" but it really messes you up, and this one girl/boy did drugs or alcohol with out any1 noticing or something
    bobotecon January 07, 2009   Link

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