"Auburn and Ivory" as written by and Victoria Garance Alixe Legrand Alex Kristian Scally....
Once when I saw her there
White light, she stood so still
Warming her eyes to the sea
Hardly her way to be free

Auburn and ivory
Heartbreak and ponytails

Holding her bones by the fire
Writing the letters she saves
White page turns gold to her lies
Wanting her one sacrifice

Auburn and ivory
Heartbreak and ponytails

Come to me and I'll tell you what's wrong
She said
"I'll wait for you
I'll wait for..."

Once when I saw her there
White light, she stood so still
White page turns gold to her lies
Harboring her one sacrifice

Auburn and ivory
Heartbreak and ponytails

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"Auburn and Ivory" as written by Victoria Garance Alixe Legrand Alex Kristian Scally

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Auburn and Ivory song meanings
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    General CommentIs this about a ghost or spirit she can see or hear?
    peniswrinkleon August 28, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI believe this could be wayyy far off but I just had the thought of it.

    It could be interpreted as a woman looking back unto her old self as a girl. a girl who was very depressed and got her sadness out through writing(white page turns to gold in the lights)
    maybe because i struggled with a deep depression that was healed through things like art(among others) and it reminds me of this story.

    since it never talks of death i think the reference is in 'auburn and ivory'
    reddish-brownish and white to put more simply.
    red is the blood, white is the skin or the paper.
    i come to this far out conclusion because of the way in which the song is set up around this auburn and ivory, is titled such, and the subtle way she hints at the character being subdued.
    she hints at this through "white light she stood so still"
    "holding her bones by the fire"
    to me those both in complex ways elicit thoughts of a subdued child. when are children still? when they are scared or not right.
    also who 'holds their bones by the fire'
    this alone elicits a sense of being far away from the body that requires warmth. even more so it gives a sense of not wanting to be there.

    also all the use of white just screams innocence or purity. of course pages are white but she intentionally put that in there.
    also 'wanting her one sacrifice' also sounds like a possible death/suicide reference.
    all in all, this song, subtly, so so so subtly, sounds like a metaphorically journey through your old mind that was once terribly depressed. and it's not really your mind but you see one or two situations that had deep meaning to you.
    'warming her eyes to the sea'
    'writing a letter she sails'

    classyassyon October 09, 2014   Link
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    General CommentKind of silly, but I imagine it's about a cheerleader in high school. The school colors are auburn and ivory, as is her uniform. She is a ponytail'd cheerleader as are all the others, but she's secretly a deep-as-fuck writer with immense, turbulent feelings.

    One of my favorite things about beach house is they will surprise you, mid-song, with a heart-pinningly simple lyric along with a elevating chord switch. "Come to me, and I'll tell you what's wrong." Dear God.

    Also the cheerleader is secretly a witch.
    taylordayon June 06, 2016   Link
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    General CommentThe "I'll wait for you" section is one of the most chilling and beautiful things i've ever heard.
    jalexanderon April 05, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti agree, eerie feeling. but it is beautiful.
    todaysnotlikelyon April 16, 2010   Link
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    My OpinionAbsolutely agreed.
    One of the most chillingly beautiful songs I've ever heard.
    Kathxon July 20, 2010   Link

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