[Chester P]

I'm Like Solar Vers' Lunar, my life's just a big bang
my eyes sag like my pants I speak marvellous slang
and hold my lane like a tank, tilt my hat like Dirk Bogart
Crash Bandicoot your rap camps you know who I am
I hold the ring like Lloyd Hannigan
snatch mics like Hollyfield body-slam tracks with my odyssey
Doctor Hackenbush professor in micology
rock the cane like Chaplin, hear my name like John the Baptist's
I paint a picture like the Last Supper
pull the plug on the whole rig and get the front cover
covering the chapter call me Bill Sykes
I'm like the only storm in a life of still nights
my hieroglyphic dialect parallels James Bond footsteps
cyanide sound clash the best ever yet.

[Farma G]

I move alert with my work out combine style
expert makes the head hurt verse magic
all set my pen's dirty right down deep
and burst in to sweep up in front of me
steet Chris Walken falcon of the airwaves
token of the rhyme game sorcerer's apprentice shines
McBane spells well tell tales fell
off the rails with no bail out
I hail out the north shouting ??? to the onslaught
thoughts I talk get ready for blood sport
pressure point talk sharp primal scream screech in the dark
look out for danger when you're swimming with sharks
spark diction assassin crashing through the roof
clashing MCs for the truth
designing blue print topics Mister McBane temple of doom
for dead crews, you can't stop the Force from making moves

[Chester P]

I swing a bottle liek the lizard king move to a mic.
like a weed pipe aggie up the set like a troglodyte
treat it like a sacred rite read my thoughts like a sutra
a script for life, I write a tale like Tolkein
my pen cries oral tears fine poetry
rising on the brink of Shakespeare
great sage with the rebel force like Mickey Rawk
crash like a symbol coming to the fore
snatch the frame like Roger Moore
and par a suit like the saint did
when he made his first encore
I burn like the human torch serve rappers like Lurch
red alert in a T-shirt and shorts
call me Ebenezer I scrooge out and spit tight shit
and cross many rivers like Jimmy Cliff
My dialect parallels James Bond footsteps
cyanide sound clash the best ever yet.

[Farma G]

Waterfall rider flee flowing sagas
lyrical projectile shot wild, rap's archer
the seed of thought sews, grows styles no bother
hover mower range lower underground plough flower
sizzle airwaves on rainy days catastrophic rapids
classic sound boy clashing, soundscape vinyl entertainers
live stage smashers leave no remainder
sharp tooth mind frame rap styles deadly
two MC's spitting poisonous delivery
concussed percussion the beats draw patterns
Excalibur odour mic. fights happen
bad man soldier your underground angel
good deed bringer in a time of despair
scandal skyjack warfare space snatchers
attack track rap slap abrasive word actions.

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