[Chester P]

My style's aggie like Rhodesian Ridgebacks
swinging raps like a golf club hold the court like Sampras
bless the mic like John Paul blessing his first born
shake the set like cell blocks
sound stressed lke Cavey swinging the club
drinking heavy like Liam O'Brady
I lead the life of Riley
cat and mouse like Tom and Jerry
but I drag through the mileage
from the Bury - the place not the fruit
the place where I grew from a boy to a man
so you fake cats should shake
my stance is solid like ??? ???, words splurt like Steve Cram
catch a deep pan find that I'm scandalous
I'll blow the wind up you skirt like Marylyn
outside Monrose acting like I'm Josey Wales
tilt the scales of this modern day portrayal
of a concrete Merlin dressed in Lewis Sterling
feeling like Jack Nicholson in the shining
bunnin down hybrid eyes in the back of my head
walking on through this man made mess

[Farma G]

Look out it's the caped crusader
the arch angel in your Space Invader
machine gunner raider
rat a tat rapper, anti-matter
splatter zone grown men start to crumble
mumble sounds tumble down
rappers perish straight up no front
time bandits hunts relics all months
vinyl treasure chest from the dusty old vaults
stripped from the terrifying crimson skies
Farma G landslide rhyme blast off in no time
fireballs fixate half you primates
my words call the wild animals to come and celebrate
imitate the face to face of Mcbane
with rhyme flow burning holes in your name
there's something deep inside
nothing's clear I'm blind (where's my eyes?)
for a second time stopped and dropped me back on a rhyme
I knock the spots of a teenage kid
and and have him thank me for the fact of what my rap flow did
so eventually the rest'll be conscious of their nonsense stream
I ??? ??? to the streets to let you know about me: Farma G
a name you best get to know river rider flee flow scarecrows

Chorus X2:

In the middle of a field holding shit down
I always stand up and never sit down
style is something deep like soul
when you're dealing with the likes of the rugged scarecrow

[Chester P]

I see rap with a cinematic outlook
like a film director script writer
view the scene and push enter
computer data cast the actors roll the cameras
the first set's looking mega
I'm dropping moral like fisher king
prime legacy Music From The Corner's heard visually
fuck the editing raw documents
fly on the wall profile planet earths occupants
hold the Pearfield
manifest the wild dreams of a young man
tales from the staircase glass half full
gaze blank set free like the bird man of Alcatraz
I leave my stamp MFTC
scarecrows hold your field
got shit locked down like the maize
and it's real blood
I feel like Sampson fighting Goliath
or Daniel and the lions
but science triumphs over physical
shit's majestic and spiritually protected
Task Force visually connected

[Farma G]

Well as a rugged scarecrow I let loose at the Bashment
let the whole place casually know it's time for action
as the dingle dangle tangle hair bear same stare
looking straight ahead at all that's there
You make a move I make move back the way you chose
coming and going to the sound of a moan
so feel the ways of a scarecrows gaze
deep set eyes from the depths of my face
out on the town like little kids with a travel card
it's time to grow up who do you think you are?
I want my music played loud in a field
holding shit down I move through the crowd
emerging from the background
I was placed on the wasteland standing
the rugged scarecrow hedgerow bandits

(Repeat Chorus X2)

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