[Farma G]

We're stark art rappers getting ready to die
like crows falling out of the sky
150 degrees it's my drums on the streets
hitting harder than dwarfs on speed
this drama's minor and I'm an antisocial rhymer
I wouldn't think twice to crush an old timer
messing with the mist I pinpont and locate
your hometown vibrates
shimmer glitter kid on a rampage
step with a breakbeat fanatic
nose candied out acting aggy
fucking with the pictures on your automatic camera
trying to hide you're an amateur from the rest of us
dusty faith messengers the avengers
style assassin, shadow demons like venger
I sin bad with more feats than Alibaba
and burst out ha ha
menacing the pop chart rebel at the upstarts
fighting from the first part
pull out your to see there's no change
??? rapper at the age of a kid
lost his way on a flip-coin decision if he lives
Slipknot magaruffin puffin' hiphop
in a great big pipe of peace and won't stop
not for no head I rock you the son of devastation
the father of the ends send the Force as my friends
against the force of men stamping out evil
you seagull rappers ain't happy 'til I kill you
all smiling up buried standing on a stage
with my mic in spoke all up in your face
tremble at the thought shudder vaults as I talk
stalk tracks for action packed rap somersaults
Farma's fault salty wounds old like boon
orangutan channel egged out in cartoon
mystified morons long gone I ride shogun
ninja bike catapult knight to fly by and greet son
with a hype track mic and a battleaxe
I bring the revelation and there's no way back

[Chester P]

Outer road shit's stinking
ain't it yo 'n' that's why man them drinking
don' it bro smoke out rooms of soul dead links
running with a jinx, some are blinging
others seem to think life ain't shit
fuck the world with a big dick
grab mother earth leave the bitch with her throat slit
comatoasted faith's running dry like suberosis
Crimewatch bringing street people to disclosure
exposure fever flinging rocks at the overseer
up to my neck in shit who's got the Odour Eaters?
Speakers Corner looking sleepy slurping on tequila
free the shiva heavy loaded on the cheap sativa
we don't love police and we don't love imformants either
street clapper loader earner kicking off a parking meter
chiva club grip a axe and cut a pea in two
??? screaming but shit ain't nothing new far for few
breath stinking like Pepe Le Pue father crews
hug the box for news what we got to lose?
Shoes hol(e)y like the ghost man ain't got food to chew
close haste lost faith no love where you at blood?

F: Na na na na na that's the wrong lyrics Chester
C: ahh fuck it man
F: You're gonna have to do it again
what's that new shit?
C: what new shit?
F: That raw solid shit
C: Ohhh shit yeah yeah

I hold my cue like Jimmy White
chalk up the tip staying genuine
dropping new shit Guinea pig the mic
science lab style, hit the earth like a meteorite
super man rapper grab the mic it's made of kryptonite
your fans cry as you hit the floor with your hands tied
land slide out I mark spots then I hang glide
jet steam technique don't scandalise mine
the shit's real can't you see the sun shine?
I smash beats like plates that are Greek
married shuttle line carriage ????
vanish with their heads hanging
flying high on the Persian rocks death wishing
walking crooked like arachnids with legs missing
Chester Chess voice-boxing with death, the martial art form
nonchalantly hunting your head my wings spread like a condors
check out the flight gone for six like a pilot smoking crack in the sky
one hand's on the wheel the other's holding my pipe
I take a nose dive cool down the systems with the hose pipe
splash the floor with a touch of the wild lyrics
crash the gates in a state and act livid
I don't start no shit I can't finish
that's why I grab mic's and most perish yo
We don't start no shit we can't finish
Task Force 2000.

Lyrics submitted by godnose, edited by Niall91

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