"June" as written by Ryland Blackinton and Alexandro Fransisco Suarez....
When your heart strings tug on mine
Let's sit down, please, for another glass of wine
And maybe we'll hold hands
As I look into your eyes

A romance overseas is not opposed by any means
Just please one more kiss
On my face and on my lips
Is all I need

I never knew that love could ever happen quite like this

Have I told you 'bout my lover?
She's twice my age;
A well-renowned performer of film and stage
Oh, please, please, please, call my name

We walked about the country, side by side
Neither one revealed what they felt inside, but oh
You are a woman but I am a full-grown boy

As we start to sail away, I begin to doubt myself
We will never be the same again
We will never be the same

We've packed up our belongings and said 'Fare ye well'
Will we meet again? Oh, I cannot tell
But I will not forget your face

I just received your message, it made me smile
It lightened up my heavy heart for just a while
But oh, I'll see you in my dreams
When I return to home

As we start to sail away, I begin to doubt myself
We will never be the same again
We will never be the same

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    General Commentcutest song
    groundfloweron March 10, 2008   Link
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    General CommentIt's a very beautiful song about the loss of innocence.

    It's about the change in a relationship between a man and woman that occurs after having sex the first time, or taking any big step really, but I think it particular pertains to sex. Beforehand, everything is innocent, you are in your native land, gallavanting about as a man and woman. Though you feel like a boy because of your feelings for the woman you desire. A kiss, a hand held, a walk with her, it's all you need to stoke the flame of romance.

    But when you decide to "pack your bags" for a "romance overseas", you're taking that final step and you can't turn back. And you know "we'll never be the same again". You leave those innocent days in your native land and move away for something more serious. And occasionally that wonderful childlike, innocent joy will appear, as a "message that made me smile".

    Lovely commentary on how life changes. You make decisions and you have to be content with little messages, little reminders of what once was. And hopefully you made the right decision :)
    bnthms88on May 04, 2012   Link

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