[Chester P]
Throughout life I've lost friends to knife fights
and crack pipes and had to dodge cats who don't act right
police and their flashlights right before my very eyes
I grew fast in the company of crime
I learned to rhyme about the way I feel
I spent time in the clubs and tried not to steal
you know the cold, blood
we all affiliate, hunger don't discriminate
some choose crime others walk a thin line
I make music, spine-chilling music
poetry and samples sideline hustler
hardcore exhibition rogues and rustlers
the industry's shaking in their socks, who can trust us?
the public backs us, we stole the factor
and still finance slacks us (you know what?)
someone needs to get yanked up pretty soon
pied off looking like Anne Widdecombe
I leave you ugly, living on crumbs
God have mercy on my sins
I'm about to snatch some, don't know where to begin
I'm like Stressed Eric, head exploding grabbing merits
ay yo these figures look wrong like John Merricks
call the sheriff, Chester turned outlaw
you owe me suttin' I'll be bouncing through your front door
this shit's real to me
I hold my heart in my hand and then I feel the beat
we need to eat or there'll be war
like the claim mores and see mores.
you need to watch your backs

Walking in the streets with our pants round our arse
living everyday like it's gonna be the last
we reach the future drunk, so we forget the past
these clouds above our heads are looking ready to burst.
There's due to be a storm tonight
we got people on the streetside demanding their rights.
It's Music From The Corner we're killing the hype
fake cats are killing hiphop we keep it alive.

[Farma G]
Who holds the fort down? You all know,
the kids with no cash flow,
Task force NMO, Me and my bro
we enhaled the sweet aroma of the money and sex
and slogged it out on the long road to success
now we're some UK stars and you know who we are
I see the heads on the street and they say wha blow
and I'm all up on the dole, straight fifty a week
barely enough for me and baby Aaron to eat
and I'm a hard worker with ambition in life
and I'm proud of my achievements it makes me strive
and I've seen crime it always ends in lost time
it's a Catch 22 situation of mine
'cos I barely survive and you can see why
my mission is firing on, all pistons
it's like my only chance and I wanna make the distance
the industry's fucked, I just wanna make a living
hear the radio crackle and stop transmitting
thugged out too much, it's all exhausted.
We only know what's right the Force live life
on the blade of a knife, a very sharp knife
you can't slip here matter'fact to live here
and all I wanna know is what you got there
and where's my share
I got morals, nah mean?
I do my job well, I've got heads in ???? to St. Austells
You industry queens get ready for war
'cos we ain't checking for doors, we're blowing off brick walls
you hear the in the street freak, I ain't kicking off doors
Task Force come to settle a score for much more

(Repeat chorus)

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