There's something that is on my mind all the time:
Is there unitity with me and you?
Is there anything that can be true - in this scene? What Do you mean?
Is it all about ego-shit and competition?
You against me - any kind of superstition?
Why do you look so uptight whenever I'm around?
Is it cause you wanna know what happens with my sound?
I don't want to be your enemy, can't you see?
There is so much more in this life - than kickin' me.
What is your problem - keep your territory clean? That's something dogs do - yeah I have seen?
I know that you're a girl and I am one.
I don't wanna take away your man...
Exist and Coexist - girls unite.
There's so much things, we have to fight!
Just come with me and we will see.
Don't put your energy in hurting me.
Don't talk about me behind my back -
it will come back at you in my next track.

What I really want is based power, and a goal in this scene - so we have something to put mind on - altogether - forever - now - now or never.

Just waiting for the next hip thing in town is not really worth going out - it brings me down. The enemy is mainstream - can't you see? They wanna keep us small
and divide us - then they pick someone - to split the scene - and build 'em up. That's the way it works - that's the way it works!

We could be strong, but they know, that we eat each other, and never touch them - 'cause we're so busy fuckin' mother! Yeah, we're so busy fuckin' mother.

Exist and Coexist, girls unite - stand together and fight - there's so much things - we have to fight - be unite, just be with me and we will see - come with me, don't
put your energy in hurting me, can't you see?
You ignore me, 'cause you thing I could take your place - everything that girls do seems so competition-based - I don't accept this anymore - not even with
myself. I don't accept this anymore - not even with myself. So fight together, fight together

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    My InterpretationIt's obvious what this song means. It is about how girls waste their time fighting each other and being competitive when they should be working together and channeling that energy in to something more productive, such as fighting the patriarchy which encourages girls to hate each other in the first place. Love Hanin for this song!
    iknowmyusernamesuckson October 15, 2010   Link

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