i showed up at her door
no gifts or explanations for
the way that i'd been actin
father time just kept on passin
i tried to kiss her lips
she said, let's put an end to this
a simple overreaction
it sent my head into a backspin

i don't know where to run

she was a teenage girl
i made sure to promise her the world
spend money fast as lightning
anything just to keep her smiling
my voice was all she heard
sentences filled with empty words
oh i thought i was so clever
never knew that our line would sever

i don't know where to run
i don't know where to run
i, i have nowhere to run

i wake up on the floor
my head replays that closing door
my heart won't stop rewinding
inside clocks all out of timing
she starts to disappear
they'll be no turning back from here
when all is said and done
and i begin
to run

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    General CommentI just want to first start off saying that this song is so beautiful. His voice takes me to another place.

    Anyway, I say that this song is about a guy and a girl who were together in a relationship, but he got tied up and was too busy to spend time with her as much as he had in the past, hence "father time just kept on passin". The girl got fed up with him and said "let's put an end to this".

    After hearing her say this, he didn't know what to do, and the 2nd verse is basically his memories of her.

    The 3rd verse is pretty much a build off of the chorus, talking about how he doesn't know what to do without her now that she's gone.

    I think the song actually explains itself...
    lifelonglineson February 17, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI have said this before, but Josiah Leming is just so amazing, I must again. His voice is so incredible, that it is nearly sinful. And I agree, it takes me to another place. That was well put, I admit.

    Now, to tackle the song itself.

    Obviously, it is about a failed relationship. I think the first verse is about how he had changed, that he wasn't making the time for her, that he just started to lose feelings, and she couldn't deal with it anymore. Even though it pained her to, she had to end it.

    And then he realized, "what did I just do?"

    Then the second verse is basically him going into a tangent, being nostalgic. Talking about how things use to be, the way he use to be, the way their relationship use to be, and how he never expected this outcome.

    Then the third verse, I'm not a hundred percent clear on, but that's what makes a good song great...when you don't know the exact meaning. I think it means something along the lines of that he began to face reality, but couldn't? That doesn't make sense. Hm, kind of like...maybe he has to face the reality of the situation even though it sucks hardcore x10.

    But that's just my take on it : ]
    Smitten Kthnon February 27, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI think what it means is he was kind of playing a game at love..telling her what she wanted to hear, buying her things, making her happy, promising her a beautiful future and he thought this would keep her hooked and where he wanted her..he thought she would always be there for him when he wanted cause he tried so hard to hard to do the love game in the way to win what he wanted from her, in a way that seemed great on the surface and in words but she saw deeper that it was a sham in regards to that which he did..his actions, in fact, he just took her for granted getting to the point he didn't show up much, didn't explain why or try to make it up to her..just assuming he had done enough before to keep her there. He stopped trying so hard but still did not expect her to ever leave him.

    But when she decided she was not going to put up with that kind of treatment and said to break it off, it was so unexpected that it drive him nuts.

    What he had taken for granted now became what he wanted more than anything.

    He obsesses over the whole thing now replaying and rethinking it all over and over in minute detail, where he went wrong, how it hurt for her to say goodbye to him, all the good times they had had which he threw away..over an over it is all he can think about when before he couldn't give her the time of day ignoring her for long stretches. His whole insides are in an uproar and nothing seems right.

    The last few lines are the hardest to know..it may mean he decides to kill himself or maybe that he will never get into a relationship again and flee and avoid relationships for something less painful like throwing himself into some endeavor or job or something or that this has changed him forever and she isn't as important now as is the deep change that he underwent as a result of what happened and his role in it and lessons from it..but basically he will never be the same whether he runs away through death or through closing himself off or drinking or whatever...he is now changed.

    But he must escape and run..it's kind of like first he ran from her and now he must run from himself but the re is nowhere to run to get away from himself and what he has done.
    calendar girlon March 01, 2008   Link
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    General Commentthis song is my relationship.
    aiimhighhitlowon March 23, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti think it just means that he really loved her but he didnt know how to show it, so she felt like he didnt love her which is why she said lets end this. and when she said that, he was so hurt because he did love her, but he had no where to go to blow off steam
    iSmileon January 04, 2009   Link

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