6.45 in the morning in december

I'm waiting for the dawning of the sunlight and remember
Your slender, fragile figure asleep beside me
You shivered and weeped as idly in your sleep as when you lied

We could start things all over from scratch
And put it all behind us, move it outside and close the blinders

But it doesn't work that way, you can't erase an emotion
Placing a notion like that might seem hard like facing an ocean
Of cold facts, keep tripping over your own tracks
When you feel like a derailed train hit with a poll tax
More wax than in a female flame, that candle
So much funky shit inside my brain i can't handle

The experience was shattering, the beating and the battering
Were not too flattering, i had to take the matter into
My own hands, my scattering programmes
Were gathering romance, and i had her in slow jams
Then it broke

across the table your eyes are wandering
I'm unable to see straight, the world is distorted, unstable
My lifeline inside this microphone cable
Barricade and barrage it with another mad fable for
Jezebel who burned me like the fires in hell
I couldn't tell if you fell into my arms like a bell or a treasure
Felt too much to even measure
Too much pleasure made me forget all about the pain
To sustain the hurt you can no longer avert
Stay alert and avoid everything you can't trust
Dust-to-dust, dirt-to-dirt is what you must
Face like the facts, happiness turns to rust again

Bust and broken, torn apart like a token
See the fire and the smoke, but you don't know who's smoking
Or revoking, drying up the pillow that was soaking in tears
What if the smoke clears from fears never spoken out loud?

Can't even speak to you, my head is bowed
Never vowed, but assumed and hoped for too much
Constant touch, now getting nothing of the such
The only love that i now cling to is the mic that i clutch

Step back, back, front, side to side
Step back, back, front, side to side
Step back, back, front, side to side
Side to side, side to side

Try smiling when the sleet beats you
When your feet speed through the street
See through the people when they greet you
I need an EQ, my voice is echoing the deep blue around me
With no one to speak to

Yo! it's me, dude, how you been?
Trying to re-fuel
For sure, it's only the second week you alone right?
But yo, read this article in GQ and it said
When a girl leaves you, they make it seem cruel
But be true to yourself, and you'll find a new queen too
Take it easy, man
It's been cool
Dear god let this keen fool find himself atleast two
Meters of rope and a green stool

I proceed to the next corner, i'm vexed, torn when i meet you
But not for long, you always seem to stop the wrong
Kind of deep feud, we're at a table holding teaspoons
It's awkward, guess it'll ease soon
How's the band and all? told you we'd release new
Material in may, turn away, adjust my seat, move to say
I'd like my records back now and leave soon
Don't ask if i'll be ok, i will if i need to


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