"Old Age (Boom Box 91)" as written by and Kurt Cobain....
Somebody finally freed my brother
One more day to free my brother
Help me I won't find a way, no

I'm going there to free my brother
No one there to free my brother (Don't go there to free my brother?)
Help me I won't find a way, brother

He's the friend to revive
With all the love I got
In every way I love you (In every way I'll help you?)
Help me know

Going my way

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"Old Age" as written by Kurt Cobain

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Old Age (Boom Box 91) song meanings
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    General CommentOne of my favs. This is how I have always heard it...the * * are parts i just don't know what i hear

    Am I afraid
    to find her
    Oh she's gone
    and I refrain
    you gone
    you go
    you ain't no more
    and oh the pain in me before
    And now like a baby being ignored
    oh I want to obey me
    feeds me power *and need the grain*
    Be silent bit and I will say
    you see empower me away
    And I and I

    Keeping down due to one more *stresses*
    One more high and I'll free my servants
    Someday I will allow my way to something
    It's not hard to relieve my service
    Come inside of her inner circles
    Someday I walk behind away it's over

    She seems to read minds
    And I'm deaf dumb and blind
    Frame to frame my use
    She's the same.

    Old Age

    Verse 2:
    Some are *gone* and some are *wanting*
    some were kind and I feigned my service
    Someday I won't find my way to sober
    it's unfair he believes my servant
    One more hour and awake my servant
    Someday I will allow my way to something

    Chorus 2:
    She seems to read minds
    when I'm deaf dumb and blind
    Face to Face in the mirror
    we survive

    Old Age

    It's such a fantasy
    You're all free
    Come on higher way
    I'm begging see?

    Verse 3:
    One more hour and I face my service
    Come on down to relieve my servant
    Someday I'll allow my way to nothing
    *Second there I obey my service*
    One more high and I won't need servants
    Someday I'll allow my way to something

    Chorus 3:
    She seems to read minds
    and I'm deaf dumb and blind
    Way the frame I use
    Jesus Saves

    Old Age

    Jesus Saves

    Old Age..
    depopulationINCon August 13, 2011   Link
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    General CommentAmazing version of this BEATIFUL song!
    Congratulations cobainsprodigy for writing down the words,I personally would've never managed that(it's impossible to understand what the hell Cobain is murmuring-I personally believe he is simply trying to keep up with the music without paying any attention to what he is saying,at least at some parts he is obviously doing that).Anyways,I was taken aback when I realised he was singing in the end of the song "Jesus saves".I was under the impression that he was not a christian so I came up with this theory(based on my belief that he was not a christian-correct me if I'm wrong): "Old age" is the age when many people start believing in the "Lord Jesus Christ" so that they "shalt be saved".I think he is mocking the fact that a lot of people turn to religion when they reach the "Old age" because they are afraid of what is coming next -death,hell,anything.This is how I connect the line "Jesus saves" with the rest of the song(what is understandable of it anyways).
    I adore this song no matter what is the "true" meaning of it!
    The music is my favourite Nirvana music,so sad and yet so beatiful.

    Rest in peace Kurt,you're alive through your music
    eliza13on June 05, 2008   Link
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    General Commentbest version of this song
    crackerfromgeorgiaon August 25, 2008   Link
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    General CommentMy favourite nirvana song, ever... I think his voice is great in this song, just kinda hard to understand. I can't find it anywhere though, I can only listen to it on youtube, kinda sucks. But still, my favourite nirvana song :)
    connornirvanaon March 15, 2010   Link

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