and there we go instead a tease that mocks the beggar,
it looks so flawless,
i've seen them batt their eyes and come a dime-a-dozen,
just take two steps back.

hold me.
no, not you but the other,
the one with the rags on.

hold me.
substitute rain with some poison and drink to the sequel.

torching, torching.

you seem withdrawn and plushed until you talk to others,
wish i'd been gift-wrapped.
just hope to catch a gaze and just because it's chipping,
doesn't mean it's useless.

somehow i reduced,
and a surgeon told me it's no good,
you'll have to double your intake,
and the risk?
hearts were made for cigarettes,
little girls love to light up.

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    General CommentI'm wondering if this song is a[twisted] parody of "Romeo and Juliet" and possibly "The Prince and the Pauper."

    There are two lines that make me think this.

    "Substitute rain with some poison and drink to the sequel." - I don't think i need to really explain this. amirite?


    "Hold me. No, not you, but the other. The one with the rags on." -see? xD



    I really really like this song musically, and another thing is that it really kind of sounds like a weird love story. *shrug*

    Don't have enough thought out to make it line-by-line like usual though...
    valbinoon July 29, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThat's an interesting thought. I dont usually thing of FTM's lyrics as relationship-based but it could be. It doesnt really fit with the bridge though. -"Little girls love to light up"
    But who knows
    Codfishon August 03, 2008   Link
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    General CommentActually, after thinking about it, i think that it's about how America, or just society in general, is obsessed with beauty, with a kind of romance theme thrown in there.

    "And there we go instead, a tease that mocks the beggar"
    I'm not to sure about this line, (i know, not a good way to start off), but, by beggar, darroh could mean himself, or the average joe looking for a relationship, and the tease is all the girls that have looks, but nothing else.

    "It looks so flawless"
    Again, he's talking about all the girls with perfect looks, but no substance.

    "I've seen them bat their eyes and come a dime a dozen"
    He's saying how all of them just use sex appeal to get attention from men, and that there are many women who do that, aka "come a dime a dozen"

    "Just take two steps back"
    Darroh could be asking the listener, or the people who do this, but regardless, he's telling us to take a step back and look at all this happening.

    "Hold me. No not you but the other, the one with the rags on."
    He's saying that he wants more in a relationship then just good looks, he wants substance. "the one with the rags on" is probably stands for the girls who dont follow all this bullshit, and just be themselves and get looked down upon by the ones that do. They're portrayed as someone with rags on because the shallow, superficial girls see them as ugly.

    "Hold me. Substitute rain with some poison and drink to the sequel."
    This possibly could mean that he sees no end in sight for all of this, and wishes he could live in a different time where all this didn't matter, (the sequel), so he drinks the poison and dies, hoping he'll come back to something better. (im sure darroh isnt suicidal, its just a metaphor)

    "Torching, Torching"
    He just wants to burn it all down and start anew.

    The second verse seems a little different then the first. Darroh has seemed to switch to a more personal experience then just society in general.

    "You seem withdrawn and plushed until you talk with others"
    He's talking about how the girl(s) seem quiet and soft until he gets to know them, and realizes that they're infact strong individuals.

    "Wish I'd been gift wrapped"
    I think he wishes that he were better looking, perhaps falling into that cycle himself, in order for her to pay more attention to him, or maybe he just wishes he had more confidence to approach them

    "Just hope to catch a gaze and just because it's chipping, doesn't mean its useless."
    These two lines, im not sure to sure about. When he says "just hope to catch a gaze", i don't know if he's talking about the non-superficial girls, or just women in general. I don't know how darroh was with women, or how much self-pity he had when he wrote this so idk....
    "Just because it's chipping doesn't mean it's useless" is again, i think, referring to himself. He doesn't know why he cant understand why he cant seem to get anywhere with women. He says just because he's not perfect doesn't mean he should be totally ignored. But still, darroh doesnt seem like the kind of person who would sit around loathing himself, so maybe this line could be referring to the girls who aren't perfect. I don't know. Those are a couple of confusing lines.

    The bridge, i think, is one big metaphor referring to beauty.

    "Some how i reduced"
    He was able to stop judging people how just how they looked, and started to look deeper.

    "And the surgeon told me it's no good"
    I think the surgeon is supposed to represent society, or the media, telling him that he's wrong, that isnt how it's supposed to be. You are supposed to look good to get attention.

    "You'll have to double your intake, and the risk?
    I think that the intake he is supposed doubling is ignorance. The "surgeon" wants him to be shallower, and just judge based on looks." But then darroh questions that. he asks about the consequences. But then the "surgeon" replies:

    "Hearts are made for cigarettes"
    Here i think darroh is equating a real surgeon saying this, to the fact that society and the media says that shallowness, ignorance, and being superficial are all ok. It is, infact, supposed to be that way

    "Little girls love to light up."
    And here, darroh is saying how the cycle continues. Little girls feed off of all this bullshit coming from the media, and feel that they need to be beautiful, and if they're not, there is something wrong with them.

    Overall, a very poetic portrayal of this cycle. I love how darroh uses cigarettes as a metaphor for being beautiful. Amazing.
    Codfishon September 07, 2008   Link
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    General Comment"And there we go instead a tease that mocks the beggar"

    Hmm, Maybe the first line could be referring to a girl that is constantly flirting with other guys, except for the 'beggars' or the unpopular/unsuccessful/nerdy/etc. guys. [and not simply just pop. girls in general?]
    valbinoon September 24, 2008   Link

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