H: Walk you to the counter
V: What you got to offer?
H: Pick you out a soda
V: Look at you forever
H: Walk you to the water
V: Eyes like a casino
Both: You ain't born typical
H: Find a piece of silver
V: Pretty as a diagram
H: Go down to the rio
V: Put it in my left hand
H: Put it in a fruit machine
V: Everyone's a winner
H: Laughin' like a seagull

You are a fever, you are a fever
You ain't born typical

H: Livin' in a suitcase
V: Meet a clown, fall in love
H: Been dyin' to have you over
V: Clown around and break up
H: Take you to a jukebox
V: That's the situation
H: Pick you out a number
V: And that's our arrangement

Both: Dancing on the legs of a newborn pony
Keep it up son
Go ahead and have her, go ahead and leave her
You only ever had her when you were a fever.

I am a fever, I am a fever
I ain't born typical.

We are a fever, we are a fever
We ain't born typical.

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U.R.A. Fever song meanings
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    My InterpretationI'm pretty sure this song is about a couple meeting in Vegas. He buys the girl a drink and they go outside by the water and he finds a coin. They go down to the Rio which is a hotel/casino in Vegas. He puts it in a slot machine (also known as a fruit machine) and he wins. (maybe he buys a round of drinks). Living out of a suitcase because he's staying at the hotel. They catch the Las Vegas love bug and sleep together. (dying to have you over, clown around and break up) She plays the role of his 'lady luck' (pick you out a number, thats our arrangement) The next lines basically mean that they sleep together more but he should get what he can because she'll only want him when he's a fever (a hot winning streak)
    Masato0hon July 30, 2013   Link
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    General CommentI think it's 'solder' not 'soda', solder as in jewellery.

    And 'went down to have you over, going 'round a break up' not 'we down at heavy rover [???]
    [climb around and break up]'

    Song = amazing.

    Lots of old fans are gonna hate it, I guess a few, including myself, will love it. They've changed loads, and it just so happens that this is what the mainstream wants, but that's cool coz it's still The Kills, and they still kick aaaasss.
    ThrowMyHeartUpon February 01, 2008   Link
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    General Commentahh thanks that does seem to sound right!
    it's a killer track for sure. i didn't used to like them so much, and then i heard this and it got me back into them. it's a damn sexysounding song. i think yes they've changed, but they've evolved. it's positive growth!
    peopledontdanceon February 01, 2008   Link
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    General CommentIt sounds like it's about Vegas. All the references to numbers, the "pony" reference and the clown reference. I have no idea though really I was hoping someone on here would have an idea...that's just what the words remind me of is Vegas - especially the part where she says H: Find a piece of silver,
    (V: Pretty as a diagram) V: Put it in my left hand - reminds me of getting married on a whim. I dunno does anyone else have an idea?
    pendulumofloveon May 23, 2008   Link
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    General Commentthis one's about Dalston, where they live. i dont really understand how, but it is.
    dontworrydearpamelaon May 31, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti think this is honestly a sort of twisted love story...
    two people in Los Vegas, maybe...
    then it talks about their attraction towards each other, cuz " they aint born typical"......
    so its like a sexual - getting married- love story
    shortache8on June 14, 2008   Link
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    General CommentNot sure about the meaning, but by golly, I like it.
    fabulosityon November 10, 2008   Link
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    General CommentFor one thing, I think you have the order of people wrong when they speak. On both verses, you have "Hotel" starting off. On the second verse though, it should be "VV" starting off (like it should say V: Livin' in a suitcase). Just pointing it out though, no big deal.

    All of these ideas are agreeable but quite honestly, it doesn't seem like it has an EXACT meaning to it (to me at least). A lot of musicians write music like that sometimes but i guess you never know.
    Kitty333on June 08, 2009   Link
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    General CommentIt's about a temporary, fake love story.

    They meet in a store in a then unnamed city. The girl is the cashier. They start to date.

    He gives her a diamond ring ("find a piece of diamond")
    They get married at what appears to either by the Rio in Las Vegas or the Rio Grande at the border of the US and Mexico.
    Then he says to put it in a fruit machine, which slang for a slot machine in America, suggesting Las Vegas. However, in the UK and Canada, a fruit machine is a device to test homosexuality, but that idea doesn't fit well with the song.

    After that, the song becomes far less well written and less clear. It might then be hinting at some sort of open-marriage ("pick you out a number / that's our arrangement"). However, the third verse is more clear. "Dancing on the legs of a newborn pony" seems to talk about a kid being born. You know it's a son because they then call him "son." However, they teach him their bad values ("Go ahead and have her, go ahead and leave her / you only had her with you were a fever"). My only thought on fever is similar to election fever, meaning you only liked the excitement.

    In sum, it's the story about two lovers who found each other in Los Vegas, married on a whim, but were unable to deal with the pressures of living as a couple, but still did have a kid, who they didn't teach any good values about how to meet someone for a long period of time. This would VERY clearly set up the rest of the album as a sort of journey of redemption, which makes sense considering the last song "Goodnight Bad Morning" is a true love song, unlike this song.
    shadowringson January 02, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationMy interpretation is that these two meet at a club type place. He offers to buy her a drink, she's immediately attracted - "look at you forever" - and he wants to take her to "the water" (have sex) and she knows he's a gamble by looking at the intent in his eyes - "eyes like a casino". Neither one is the typical person they usually hook up with.

    He knows she's gotta be paid (not necessarily in money, but she only hooks up with people who can afford to keep her and buy her things for her love - "silver". She's reading him like a "diagram" - knowing his full intent. "Go down to the rio" - river (always an innuendo for sex IMO). "Put it in my left hand" - not so sure unless it's money/things first then sex, but "put it in a fruit machine", I'm thinking it's again a sexual innuendo for him entering a woman's vagina (cherry pie, fruit basket, wicked garden, etc).

    "Living in a suitcase" means there are no home roots where he's concerned. He's not tied down in otherwords. "Meet a clown and fall in love" means she knows how she could feel about this "not typical" person, but knows he's still just a clown - not serious. He just wants to have her over, even though she knows they'll just "clown around" for a while then break up, leaving her heartbroken over someone she could fall in love with, meaning it could never be a serious relationship. He would "take you to a juke box" - buy her anything she wants, just pick it out. And she knows that's the situation and complies with "that's the arrangement".

    "Dancing on the legs of a newborn pony" means that this is new for the both of them and they don't really know how to proceed, so it's more than unstable as far as a relationship goes. They learn the steps as they go - "left right left right", but he knows he can only keep it up for a while because he only has her as long as the lust of the initial attraction - "go ahead and have her, go ahead and leave her, you only had her when you were a fever." When she's tired of him, she's gone, no matter what he could give her in posessions or love because that's the type of person she is - superficial and driven by desire and only what someone could give her.

    Love the song and love it on "The Losers" movie. They used it in just the right places of the film.
    kaintbkwiteon May 06, 2011   Link

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