i've been sitting here for an hour.
i guess you just forgot to say hello.
you pretend that you never saw me here.
so someone broke your heart,
i'm breaking mine.
'cause you just don't have enough _
to know it's done.

i don't think you understand how this feels.
i haven't called you in a week.
yeah, i know it's a been a long time.
no, nothing, nevermind.
i was just talking to myself.
'cause you really don't deserve
to know how i feel anyway.
you can just go home and play all of
your stupid rock and roll
and try on all your brand new leather pants
'cause damn, they look so good on you now.

i still don't get why you asked me to call.
i guess you had too much to drink
and you needed someone else to want you.
this isn't fun anymore.
it's all just a little too much karma
coming back to get me all at once.

so i won't look to see if you're still here
when i think _
although it doesn't matter that much to me.

you can do that sexy dance
to make sure everyone still wants you
when the night is over
and you still don't have someone to love
and you can just go home all by yourself
and play that music really loud
so no one hears you when you start to cry all by yourself.

i've done it all to myself this time.
and i've done it to myself again
i've done it all to myself this time.
there's no one else to blame.
you're just in my way.
and if i see you, it can make me have a bad day.
please just go away.
there's no one else to blame here
you're just in my way.
sometimes i feel like throwing up.
please just go home.
'cause i've done it to myself
there's no one else to blame here.
i've done it all to myself.

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Sometimes I Feel Like Throwing Up song meanings
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    General Commentdoes anyone have any idea where to get some of her older songs like this one? the only release that's available in music stores is puking & crying and it's next to impossible to find information about her anywhere. even on her website, that's the only release available :(
    mrs-mojo-risinon May 16, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThe first album called Sadstyle (that this song is on) was released by Brown Records in 2001, if that helps.
    solankaon May 16, 2008   Link

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