Ever since I was born in a northern town
I’ve been digging myself out
From a time when I hadn’t seen
Anything worth remembering

I would aspire to better life
To feast my eyes and expand my mind
I’d lie awake, I could not wait
To leave this place behind

Your Ontario town is just a burial ground
For old friends
Your Ontario town is just a burial ground

Inspired by hopelessness
From where my discontent once began
I miss the nature and the wilderness
But not the people there

As old stores will close their doors
Other ones may change their names
But old friends still live their lives
Where I would have died of shame

You say that you grew up
You say that you tried
I think you took the easy way out
I say you gave up
I say you died

You’ll say that you’re content
You’ll say there’s no regrets
But I think you took the easy way out
For if you’re not dreaming anymore
You’re already dead

What a shame for those who chose
To be wasted in the north
What a shame to know nothing more
Than the town where you were born

Kick over the stone that bares your name
I spit on the snow that covers your grave

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Your Ontario Town is a Burial Ground song meanings
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    My OpinionAmazing song, very strong lyrics.

    I live in Ontario, and although I wasn't born here, I think those lyrics can be related to anywhere in the world.

    "What a shame to know nothing more
    Than the town where you were born"

    It's the artist's view that a life should not be wasted living a simple life and not know anything outside of your community/town/city. In essence, you are a slave to a world of walls built around you and you do nothing to at least attempt to break them and be set free.

    It's sad, but many people choose to live in one place their whole life, unaware of what the world has to offer, if they just extended their hand and grabbed it.

    People are born, live their whole pathetic life, and die, in a patch of land they call home - no one to remember them, in complete isolation.

    While the artist wanted to see what the world has to offer, to expand his knowledge and mind, and to experience life, people from his town chose to stay behind and know nothing about the world other than their home town.

    This song is a wake up call, not just for people living in small towns, but for everyone - if you are not living life to its fullest, you do not deserve to live.
    digitalbladeon January 27, 2009   Link

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