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You nail the drugs with stapling
Making sure the walkman gets plugged in
You never thought, you never would
The drugs were doing things you already could
So catch a fly with all your might
Your reflexes are proven and alright
See the sights and spread the dust
Communicate with girls, talk with your crotch

So Rachel packed it all away in...
I think it was a museum
Experiments were conducted that day
(the results were thus)

The Tokyo moon is out of reach
Falling out of love can breach your world
And the boundaries of your friend's worlds.

You stay up late with a caffeine drink
Just to watch some televisual thing
You never thought, you never knew
The hit was doing things you had done in june
So tie your shoes, in a figure eight
Intelligence was proven in 1988
So catch a cold and blow your nose
Insist the doctor knows what you don't know

So Rachel...

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    General CommentThis is my first post, So ill try and get off to a good start.

    "The results are pending" as though experimentation and experiences have yet to occur as we are introduced to drugs and not that they cause "ends" but rather they are a more stable means of ending problems..Drugs are said to allow people to drop their guard and be themselves...and so a shy boy (narrator/3rd person/passed tense) I imagine may have finally talked to/asked out a girl perhaps Rachel...done what he could have done all along...

    "so catch a fall", To reolize your making a mistake and stop yourself and call your mother is something many people may do...and think the sheir fact that they responded to the problem...by talking to someone... is enough..."your reflexes are proof in our eyes" so they can go back (to drugs)....."Sing the song", proceeding or going on.(back to drugs as mentioned).

    Spread the dust....spreading out the debris or damage so YOU no longer notice it... and of course go back to talking with girls and dancing "talk with your foot".

    Now it gets a bit tougher... So rachel packed it all away and I think it was a museum...experiments were conducted that day....Tokyo moon is out of reach.....

    Museums featured cherished 'important' items that are put on display for people. rachel has put away things of the same nature, that were on display. Things that may have been fake or for show, or maybe she has put away things that were of value (to narrator)...either way she is showing a new side of herself, true colors...something that is negative. Experiments were conducted that day...as in people in love will try different things to see if they can fix their issues....unfortunately, the fantasy that he once had of the girl....or "the tokyo mood" was out of reach and falling out of love can take you from the world you were in (breach) and the narrator has essentially had a falling out and is distraught. It breaches your friends worlds because either your friends may be mutual with that of the girl...or you may ask personal questions from your friends about their relationships to see where you went wrong. the next verse is pretty straight foward...you sit around watching things you thought were stupid while having a girlfriend, only to see so many similarities between what happend with your relationship, and the ones shown on television after the brake up....so you do stupid little everyday things to prove to yourself your still compitant and smart. When your a kid (1988), doing your laces up was an accomplishment ;)

    So you stay in a slump (sickness) and even though you know exactly what caused it, whats wrong and how to fix it, you ask people for a diagnosis or advice..Catch a cold, Blow your nose, insist your doctor knows what you don't know....fret not my friends...colds go away...

    hope I have been helpful
    cobalt1on January 27, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti always thought it was "catch a fly and blow your mind". not the call your mom bit. it makes sense to me with the reflexes bit, but i could be wrong.
    thescentofsummeron March 13, 2008   Link
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    General CommentJust to clear it up:
    "so catch a fall call your mom" is really "so catch a fly with all your might."

    "communicate with girls talk with your foot" = "communicate with girls talk with your crotch."

    "and so you thing the caffeine drink just to watch some television things" = "stayed up late, with a caffeine drink, just to watch some televisual things."
    xxdarkfallon July 14, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI always thought this song was talking about a girl (Rachel) who was in love with a drug addict. In the end he breaks her heart by always putting drugs first. And to move on, Rachel goes to a museum, and while looking at the art or whatever, she leaves all her feelings there, that she had for this guy.
    hayleymae222on April 01, 2010   Link

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