is anyone awake here?..
is anyone afloat?..

weakened by the hunger to be reborn?
either way the tempered be heedful of source
yet neither obsequious or of remorse

I wait for a new dawn
to hold something more than something of old
are you yet awake, dear, apon qui vive?
please don't feel mistaken of faction to be
the air of acedia begets the thunder beings
destitution rings, love, recall the dream

I wait for a new dawn
to hold something more than something
I refrain
I feel the same
cause i really want to
I really want to I really want to stay
I really want to I really want to I really want to stay
I really want to stay for something
I really want to stay
please don't forget what the thought burns away

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    General CommentI cannot believe no-one has written their thoughts on this song, though it has not been given much publicity and that is perfectly fine with me. This song is too beautiful to be killed through over play on radio stations.

    Keep in mind, songs are meant to relate to you. If this song did not hit you hard, do not worry, it just does not relate yet, but if you are here, reading these lyrics, I am sure it gets to you somehow.

    I want to do this song Justice and the feeling they attempt to portray, because it is hitting my heart right now, but i'm not one who has ever been able to exactly express a feeling in words. I "know", not believe, that this song means more than one thing. One in relation to people personally, and the other relating to the world as a whole. It could have more meanings as well, it is just that these two hit close to my heart at once. I think of it as:
    1.Two people connected(in a way that relates to you), wanting to get away from a "bad place" (to me the World).
    2.One man walking through a familiar place but does not want to be there because it hurts and is disappointing.
    3.Him being the world or a representative form of the World, singing out to the people.

    The song is Deep, but self-explanatory and to the point.

    -Is anyone Alert?
    Is anyone even here?

    -Brought to the knees by the absence of something you thought you needed and have not been without all your life, now in the process to be made to come out stronger and for the better through being starved of the negative substance that has been keeping you going.
    But still, those who have not yet changed, the angry and sour ones, are aware of the Higher power/the one who can bring them to their knees as well.
    Still none are obedient, nor do they feel remorse for anything they have done.

    -So, I wait for a new beginning/rise/start
    to hold good memories again of better times, rather than holding onto the old ones that are getting more difficult to keep. (Because where he is right now, there is no good, more of turmoil/depression/bad times, something along those lines)
    He is asking again, but now more personally, are YOU awake yet, (also speaking to the person he is with, and to all people), to be on guard and watchful?
    Do not fall victim to the way things are, in relation to discord, Disagreement and party strife(quarrels and fights). Meaning do not think the way things are is the way you are supposed to be as well.
    Because the effects of not caring, beckons/calls on the higher beings.

    -I wait for a new beginning for this world
    to hold better memories than the ones/world around.
    (But he cuts himself off due to the pain and disgust of the same old thing/memories)
    He holds his self back from saying it
    And declares that he just feels the same.
    He searches and almost pleads to find something he still likes/loves about this place he is in and wants to find a reason to stay, and to want to be there.
    He does not want anyone to forget what the thought of good things or the person you love, makes go away, which is the pain.

    Although i've done this, I know I have not done it justice. With a song like this, even if you do not understand it, and just listen to it, you know what it means within yourself, you can feel it and that is all you need. No one can take that true meaning from you.

    [Definition side notes]

    Acedia is a latin word literally meaning "absence of caring" (I had to look this up. It did not hurt my pride to, as I said, the song is fairly Deep with the way it is worded and the beautiful words chosen, so this one stumped me) :-)

    Apon Que Vive. Now, I am not sure it sounds exactly like this is what he says, but I am pretty sure it is close to it. Apon I am assuming is an older form of saying "Upon", and Que Vive means "to be on guard; to be watchful and alert, like a sentinel".
    He could very well be saying "Upon" as the actual word, instead of Apon.

    I hope I did not babble too much. This is such an amazing song to me, music, vocal, and word wise.
    He Is Meon October 21, 2008   Link

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