"Nevada" as written by and John Mccauley....
Stare at the sun, howl at the moon
Oh, I've come so far
I'm coming for you
Each lonesome night, I've seen this light
That no valley, no river can hide

I thought so hard, this is the way
Oh, maybe you're making a fool out of me
Why should I care, I heard you say
"You can't wander without love beside you"

It's hard to detach or leave things behind
Oh, look at me, baby, I'm losin' my mind
Maybe I'm wrong, maybe you'll stay
Oh, stay here to wander beside me

Those in the know[?], whose colors are true
It's just 60 more miles and baby, I love you
And I'd spill my guts if I had your trust
Oh believe me, you'll always leave me crushed

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"Nevada" as written by John Joseph Mccauley Iii


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    General CommentWhat emotionally-wrought vocals.
    He uses the deserts in Nevada--huge, dry, dead, empty stretches of land--as a metaphor for how difficult it is to get his love back.
    chickenflickeron July 04, 2008   Link
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    My OpinionThe song outlines mankind’s struggle in understanding the human condition.
    The human condition is our inability to understand the paradox of our existence — from beings able to love, cooperate and acts of selflessness to the opposite which is being competitive, aggressive and selfish

    Nevada - symbolism is that of a desert - wandering the earth aimlessly - not understanding oneself

    This is a story of one mans journey from darkness to the light and its transitional struggle to do so

    "stare at the sun, howl at the moon"

    there are three characters are at play here, the light, darkness and the story teller

    Character 1 . Sun (the light) representing the highest form of knowledge, essential nature of goodness, selflessness, love, cooperation etc

    Character 2. Moon (the darkness) representing the cave like existence, dark, living in denial, selfishness, living a life of excess, our need to persistently acquire material possessions in trying to find satisfaction

    Stare at the sun — He can see the light — but he is still in the “cave” of denial
    Howl at the moon — There is where he is experiencing life at the moment

    "oh, i've come so far,I’m coming for you
    each lonesome night, i've seen this light
    that no valley, no river can hide"

    Through his life experiences and learnings he is beginning to understand the paradox of the human condition. He realizes that he is feeling alienated in living a self indulgent life. He knows living a life moving towards the light "out of the cave" is the answer. The light exposes this truth that cannot be hidden anywhere

    "i thought so hard, this is the way
    oh, maybe you're making a fool out of me"

    He was of the belief that the darkness, a life he has lived for so long and become essentially married to (self indulgence, living life to the excess, material possessions, etc was the way to fulfill his satisfaction but is starting to question it

    "why should i care, i heard you say"

    In essence the darkness is effectively asking him what the issue is here —he has everything he needs (material possessions self indulgence etc to satisfy him)

    "you can't wander without love beside you"

    He responds by stating that the only way to free us of the pain we face with the question of the human condition is to live in a selfless, loving cooperative manner

    He is starting to realise that the darkness is betraying him — Creeping doubts are starting to set in with each other (him and darkness)

    "it's hard to detach or leave things behind
    oh, look at me, baby, i'm losing my mind"

    He is so addicted to living in denial, living in excess, accumulation of material possessions, old way of living etc that its hard to leave it behind —…His hasn’t dealt with all his insecurities and fears in letting go…he has been living under this corrupted state for so long it is difficult to let go which he confirms in the next two lines

    "maybe i'm wrong, maybe you'll stay
    oh, stay here to wander beside me"

    Insecurities, self doubting - He is almost asking for the best (as the way he perceives it) of both worlds (light and dark)

    "those in the know, whose colours are true"

    He realizes that there is no “best of both worlds”… Those who have been able to the question of the human condition and are able to live the selfless ideals have a pure aura about them…There is only one world…the light

    "it's just 60 more miles and baby, i love you
    and i'd spill my guts if i had your trust
    oh believe me, you'll always leave me crushed"

    He persists in his own struggle to be living closer to the ideals that light has to offer but still has denials to deal with therefore darkness still has his clutches on him…He has a desire to outline to the darkness why this is the right path (towards the light) is but darkness no longer trusts him, understands him, as he starts to peel away from it and the response he will get are more lies…a regression….a trip back to self denial….indulgence leaving him in the same alienated position, doubtful, unsatisfied hence crushed

    A very prophetic writer - Brilliant ! A very enlightening song!
    danman8on May 16, 2013   Link

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