i'm a "go with it" girl,
she said and she did
she was hopping onto the party she was
ohh, a kid!
and she had olive skin and she had marble eyes,
she wore combat boots, she was out of her mind
i never can really keep up with the ladies,
though i try...ohh, i tried it.
yeah, i liked the cut.
she made me look good and i made her look long
we made out alright as the party wore on
(it was past 3 a.m.)
gone were the passers-through
i was past caring, passed out in the back room...

"oh, girl," i purred.
we pulled at each other's clothes,
"oh girl, look what you've done to your arms..."
striped like her tights, red and white.
her elbows hit my chest.
she said, "i know best, now show me yours."
cuts? of course. no problem, sure.
yeah, sure.
the party raged above
and below, our love
grew like a vine around both our spines
"fine, or maybe it was the wine."
is there always a point where things get ugly?
does this happen to everyone or am i just lucky?
she was getting friendly with the fellas, getting drunk.
i was getting suspicious that
i was being played for a chump.
my eyes got slanty my chest got tight
my thoughts got angry and
i got in a fight
with this guy she was talking to.
but i really can't fight
and my judgement is poor
soon she's yelling and
i'm holding my jaw
"what the hell was that about?
and where the fuck do you think we are?
there are easier ways to get my attention than acting like a boor."

"hey," she says,
"you know, i ain't so ambitious...
..following some party 'round from kitchen to kitchen."
well, "ohhh," she says,
"this ain't so cool.
hanging around here like a part of some girlfriend pool."
ohh ah i could tell she was serious
and that the end was near
that when it hit it would hit harder
than the guy standing over there.
"so, tell me what you want,"
i said sounding pathetic,
"tell me what you want, i'll go there and get it."
"no, no, my friend, not never again.
i think i'm going to go and get it for myself."

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    General CommentPretty straightforward song. Guy and girl meet at a party, sleep with one another. Afterwords, the guy gets jealous of the girl talking with other men, figures she's loose so he starts a fight to 'win her back.' Turns out she was sincere with him and was simply chatting with another guy. He offers to try and patch things up, but she gives up on him.
    KingInYellowon September 24, 2010   Link

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