1st verse:

I could see the end of the road / I been told streets are gold / Nobody's attitude cold / I feel / Blowed or stoned / In line at the judgement throne / In a robe / Watchin my whole life on a movie reel / I kneel / Been known to always stay to my own / All alone / Smokin home grown dro / No mobile phone / Behind the wheel / Of a beat up brogham / With no chrome / Rollin slow / Flowin / Knowin I ain't ready to go / I get killed / Wrong place wrong time / This long line / Is full of people 'Am I still alive? Have I died?' / Is full of people 'Will I get to fly? Will I fry? Will I sigh joy and relief? OR WILL I CRY?' / As I try / Hard to not weep and on my knees still / Why Lie? / God do not sleep and on the screen still / Is my life / Comin to an end / My last breath / The last best / Chance to repent just has left / I have yet not been forgivin for sinnin / So unload my confession of all the sin I commited livin / Some didn't get in / Some did in the armegeddon / So all I said when I saw the face of The Lord is "are you kiddin?"


I can't lie I know I'm goin to hell / And if you were me then you would know where you were goin as well (2X)


Swept away in the current of a river / I drown in a stream / To fight against the flow I turn / Release the sound of a scream / Out loud in a dream / It's hopeless / Know I'm bound to be sceen / Just hope it happens 'fore the waterfall and ground intervene (2X)

2nd verse:

You haven't felt pressure til your back is up against a wall / Crouched in a ball / Knuckles raw and your fenced in / All you seem to see is pain and sufferin / Crawl to a place where you can breathe but then there's nothin then / Fall / Pick you up again / Just so that you could see the end / Saw / Why I said from the beginning that I don't need a friend / Right before we desend / Demons begin to lead us in / Meet us and try to seat us then / Beat us treat us and freed us / When required by law / Call me a prophet / But to me I see a deviant theif / In need of immediate relief / From hearin these knashin of teeth / Hard to imagine the grief / But keep it up that's what you'll see / Before you know it / You'll just wake up / And then that's where you'll be

Chorus (2X)

Bridge (2X)

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This Town Is A Death Trap song meanings
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