Oh these sacred midnight lovers' vows,
You wear them like (a holy shroud?);
and I can't get a word in;
and I sit here, learing at you.
I'm seeing things, through a young mothers' eyes;
as a poison sunrise,
is hanging in the sky,
and I recognise this road, as the town where you was born.

My hands are raw;
My hands are raw;
from digging my own grave.

Now its morning in the cow town,
Old man winter lets his hair down;
and they're burning all in the (dark?)
feels better when there's (none? blood?)
and the corner of the blue sky
the slumlord hauls his guts out
said; "I did it all for love";
we did it all for love!

My hands are raw,
My hands are raw;
from digging my own grave.

Oh your sacred midnight lovers vows,
I fucked 'em up,
forget me now.
I'm squirmin and I'm hearing,
Watch the good life dissapearing,
I'm left dreaming in the treetops;
with the (photos) and the (hilltops? hill hawks?)
You are hypnotizing breathing,
I'll surrender peacefully.

My hands are raw,
My hands are raw;
from digging my own grave...

*aw man someone post this properly, I love this song but have no idea what he is saying!

Lyrics submitted by pennycrayola, edited by valvelho

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    General Commentcan I just say the guy's an amazing poet and his voice is beautiful in this...I rekon he smokes as his voice's got croaky in the later stuff.
    pennycrayolaon November 18, 2007   Link
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    General CommentMy favourite Devotchka song!!!
    Love the passion within a sad song.

    I've struggled with the lyrics as well.
    I thought it starts out "Oh these sacred midnight lovers vows" in reference to a possibly quick relationship that turns into a longterm regretful one.

    "You wear them out when I come home each night"

    "as the morning sunrise...."

    Could it be.."and I recognize this room, it's the town where you was born" though I think "road" works as well.

    The second verse is reall difficult to hear.
    Possibly "feels better when there's none."

    The third verse is difficult as well, but I think it might be 'I fucked them up, you got ne now" and end "every time she breathes/grieves, I surrender peace serene."

    Is he resolute in saying he dug his own grave?
    Accepting the consequences of his actions?
    Regretful of the good times, or the hopes and dreams that he sees as disappearing?

    To me, it's a song of a sad marriage.
    When you're locked into something you can't get out of, or accepting a doomed fate.

    any comments??
    rikrikon December 25, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI changed the first line, you're totally right.

    I think he married a girl because she got pregnant "young mothers eyes", and not he's stuck in a miserable marriage, like you say. That's why he dug his own grave I guess.
    The first verse, I left it as poison sunrise, as I think it seems like a sense of forboding after the midnight lovin' kind of red and hanging over him.
    I don't know what a 'cow town' is, but I can't think of what the words are here...it could be 'between the curtain' and 'bearing all in the dark'
    I'd like to know what was in the treetops with him, other than 'mumblemumbles' lol.

    The last verse he is watching her sleep, but he can't, he just watches her breathing and wishes he was elsewhere.

    I think it's a song about 'you've made your bed and now you have to lie in it'.
    pennycrayolaon January 15, 2008   Link

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