I can see clearly now
A painful vision indeed
An attempt at genocide, 12,000 years of pain
The human thirst for dominance
Leads them to Setian ground
The gravest of all threats now exists
All galaxies could suffer
Imagine the consequences if Man does succeed
The universe and all that lives will suffer evermore
Like a virus Man will spread
Through the time continuum
It's a power they can't comprehend
A power we must secure

So heed my word
A prophecy that's bleak and haunting
Acceptance not fear
Will pave the way for life returning
The Elder foreseen
In Sacred Flames our world is burning
Yet more things are clear
By grand design, punishment unfolding

Faith in the prophecy
We'll take this tragedy, unite as one
Fate, show man no sympathy
Something Wicked feeds, thy will be done

Ten thousand souls
One for every year of framing
One of thirteen The High Priest and the twelve that council
Charged with our tome
Retribution for our loved ones suffering
In secret they'll meet
A global network that endures for centuries

Faith in the prophecy
We'll take this tragedy, unite as one
Fate, show man no sympathy
Something Wicked feeds, thy will be done

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Something Wicked, Pt. 1 song meanings
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    General Comment"Framing Armageddon: Something Wicked Part 1 tells the story of the Setians, who were the original inhabitants of Earth, and are directly descended from the "Great Architect". They are said to have nearly omniscient knowledge. Humans, who have developed space travel, invade Earth in a bid for "ultimate power and ultimate knowledge", killing all but ten thousand Setians (Invasion, Motivation of Man, Setian Massacre).

    The remaining ten thousand go into hiding in the mountains in the east (A charge to keep). The Setian High Council, which consists of the twelve Elders and the High Priest, make a plan to get revenge on the invading human race (Reflections, Ten Thousand Strong, Order of the Rose). They plan to initiate "The Clouding", which involves brainwashing all the humans and making them forget their origins (Cataclysm, The Clouding). Once completed, the Setians will manipulate history by creating religions--Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc.,--to further divide the humans (Infiltrate and Assimilate, Retribution Through the Ages, The Domino Decree, Framing Armageddon). Once human kind is sufficiently divided, after ten thousand years, the Setians will await, as the prophecy told millennia ago, the birth of the Antichrist, Set Abominae (When Stars Collide, The Awakening). Set Abominae will destroy all of the human race and execute the revenge the Setians have long awaited.

    Framing Armageddon tells the story from the prophecy to the events right before the birth of Set Abominae." -wiki
    RainbowDemonon November 19, 2008   Link

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