i wrote a song
for the girl
who's unimpressed by musicians
might be lost
left to drown
in a sea of mirrored friendships
but i'll stand out
i'll show them how
give them all hope in their own lives
that's my unrealistic plan worked for today

and of those friends
it never ends
shows for every night of the week
the local scene
has waned on me
sucked the life from who i wanted to be
now disperse the crowd
there'll be no more spurts of honesty
she hasn't called since yesterday
i'm wasting my whole life away
i'm terrified to hear that i just ate

i met somebody in a day
and i kept in all of my mistakes
always thought it would be better
to live life this way

we're off to the show
no you cannot go
for past offenses
yes it's childish i know
and all of my friends
we're in this together
look out for each other
so don't count on
i try to pretend
that you're just a minute
i'm better off not with
but i can't admit
when you call again
i'll think more than i like to
i'm lost without you now

i heard them say
you're better off this way
in the long run you're safe
deserve much more
well you're just great
great but what do i do for today
when i know we'll never be the same
and i can't get it out of my head
i play the same scenes again and again

hey now you could fix me
faster than you think
but it's not worth it for you to sit and stay
so maybe i'll wait
fall back on some wishful thinking luck
well you name it
was alone and then
i broke down again
yes called you again and
heard you with my friends
so so much for them
so much for that line
all i've got to say now is

drunken hug fiend you're the pal
the one that's known all around town
drunken hug fiend don't stop now
we've come too far let's do this now

drunken hug fiend you're the pal
the one that's known all over town
drunken hug fiend turn around
as i proceed to break you down

well first
you gave me everything i wanted
every little thing
i could say i'm happy
i was happy

you took it all away so quickly
seemed to have time for anybody
you need me when you need something
jealousy it's not a weapon
i say

don't you come around
if you hear me
you're hearing this
i want to be found
if you hear me
you're hearing this

we won't hold back
from what we all think of you

before i think of you i might be gone

we're lost
as soon as we've come

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