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I think if you could just set some precedence
Everyone would maybe be more inclined
To let you slip from this grasp
Of darkness
Or whatever, whatever
'cause that's how the team talks
It says the same thing
How alone you feel
Even makes me feel alone
And I'm in the studio surrounded by people
But far away
And the distance makes the difference
And I can't pull you by your hand
To pull you out
So I will just try to support and bolster your will
I hope, a huge hope
That you will get the safety that you want in your life soon
I know I can't save you
Wait, I can't?
I think I can
I don't know if I can save everyone
But I'm taking you with me
'cause I need you and you need you
And we... you and I need you
And this world needs you
Even this world... not this small dark world
But the big earth, even with less room has space for you
And that's a really important space

But I do get scared when you're three days in on a benge
And I'm actually texting you back, "Please don't die"
'cause you're texting me like, "Help. I'm scared. I think I wanna die"
And you're with everyone
And I don't want anyone to die
But this is ridiculous, what are you doing?
I just don't want that call
I cannot take it again
I've already had that call
Actually, it wasn't even a call
It was an overwhelmed, unprepared arm around me saying,
"Yes, he did, I'm sorry"
And there's no way in hell I'm letting you put me through that
This crazy worry is one thing,
But even that worry is... well, I'm committed to it... the worry.. but, umm...

And then I talked to you after and you say you don't ever want to live that again
And even after that and those few days
It was the gnarliest reminder ever
You can't believe how sick you feel
"I don't ever wanna do it again", you said
You say that you worried about the darker place
And I think we all do
But you've wandered too far
And it has you
And even many people for whom things are less far
Seem to
Look to you as a guide, a beacon for where to go within that behavior
And you say they don't understand you,
We'll need to get out
And exactly!
No one understands so you want to get out
And you should want that
And the fact that you do says everything for the fact
That you could get out
And replace this three or whatever years
In which you were almost always dying
Or losing everything behind you
And get onto, you know, the future that's waiting for you

But you have to, HAVE TO
And I know you will
Your strength and wile is AMAZING when you want something
It's as epic as anyone's
Moreso, even
And for that I need you to
'cause WHEN
I'm pretty sure there's some sort of situation off in the distance of some sort
A future that's dependent on you
And the fact that you have ridden this mode for so long
Without dying or losing everything yet
Is even further evidence for the fact that the world is truly waiting for you
You have so too much to give it's crazy!
And so many of our friends do, truly
But after a point, I don't know,
It gets hard
And I see that you're going to make it
You're brilliant
And I love everyone we know that's going through it
Even the ones that don't know they're going through it
Or even somehow seem to thrive in it, which I fully don't understand
But, we know it's not right for you
And I'm here beckoning
From the other side.

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    General Commentso much emotion and so many ideas packed into a single plea from one friend to another.
    Absolutely fantastic track
    Muppet87on April 09, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti wish someone would tell me these things
    kgrewwon September 28, 2008   Link

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