"Come Around" as written by Millard Powers, David Bryson, David Immergluck, James Bogios, Charles Gillingham, Daniel Vickrey and Adam Duritz....
Have you seen the little pieces of the people we have been?
Little pieces blowing' gently on the wind
They have flown down California
They have landed in L.A.
Little pieces slowly settling on the waves

I'm one of a million pieces fallen on the ground
It's one of the reasons when we say goodbye
We'll still come around We will come around

I have waited for tomorrow from December 'til today
I have started loving sorrow along the way
I am calling from some city
And I won't be there too long
I could wait and I could waste away
But what comes back is I hear you say we're gone

For all of the times that I go spinning up and down
When all of the things have died between us
Well, we'll still come around We will come around

After I've been missing for a while
And you hear that summer's song
Haven't all the fading lines lingered on?

What I know is: she's going
When you know it, it's alright
So you put yourself between you and your pride
If you wait for what's coming
And you listen to her lies,
Then she'll say the things you need to hear
And the only one who'll disappear is you

And one of the million lies she said
Is "All of the things you love are dead."
But I've seen what she thinks is love
And it leaves me laughing so we'll still come around

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"Come Around" as written by David Lynn Bryson James Bogios

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    General CommentGOODERTHANAMUG
    personally i disagree it seems very well placed at the end of this album its is a true conclusion of him beginning to realize even if all his dreams dont come true he still has many things and sees himself for what he is, my favorite line in all CC is in this song when he says "I have started loving sorrow along the way" because it's something i recently realized and always give me a hope false or not
    LJkatz13on January 08, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI added this song cause i love it and its a great song!!! THERES NO COMMENTS. WRITE PPL!
    ccrowson October 07, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti feel like some people didn't get to this song on the album because in my opinion the second half of the CD is inferior to the first half. However, this is by far the best song off of the Sunday Morning portion of the album
    home for a heroon April 03, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI think this is the anthem for the crows for the twilight of their career. This is one of the better songs on the cd but it is lost in the sunday mornings portion of the cd.
    GOODERTHANAMUGon April 04, 2008   Link
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    General CommentAs a Counting Crows fan since 1995 (and having seen them 7 times thus far in concert) I'm hoping to give my 2 cents for what it's worth: I can't agree with "home for a hero". IMO Recovering The Satelites was CC's 'noisiest' album to date and easily my least favourite (and forgettable album). "A Long December" IMO is their best song off the album and "Another Horsedreamer's Blues" easiest their 'Champagne Supernova' (for those that ever liked OASIS) song off of the album. In concert, 'noisy' songs like "Have You Seen Me Lately" and "Angels of the Silences" have been converted into slower acoustic versions which IMO are far more pleasing to the ear. It's well known that CC's are a band essentially about melody (and of course phenomenal lyrics). The first half of 'Saturday Nights and...' doesn't make me wanna get up and go and see Dan Vickrey churn out raw, energetic C-Major 7 guitar riffs. Rather, it's a combination of songs like "Los Angeles", "Cowboys", "Washington Square", "On a Tuesday in Amsterdam Long Ago" and the fantastic "Come Around" which COMBINE to make it a pretty good album. I agree with "GOODERTHANAMUG" that this is a band in the twilight of their career (though Duritz's overall message remains the same after all these years) and as such I think we ought to go a bit easy on them (that's hard for me as a former die hard Crows fan). It's probably quite a clever ploy in keeping "Come Around" as the last song on the album. Just as you're in your comfort zone listening to "On a Tuesday in Amsterdam...", "Come Around" sneaks up on you and reminds you of what the Crows do best: A song with a great melody; great lyrics and a great way to end off the album. Ok, folks, tear my views apart and "suck my blood" as Duritz sings in "Angels of the Silences"...

    Kite2607on April 18, 2008   Link
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    General CommentMy $.02:

    The CD is, at heart, a concept CD (Saturday nights: when you sin, Sunday mornings: when you repent/come to terms with your sins). If you imagine the first half of the CD as the sinning of a Saturday night and the second half as the repentance/ruminations of a Sunday morning, this song fits perfectly as a send-off at the end of the album.
    Do you spend your whole sunday sitting on the edge of the bed wishing you could undo the night before? Or do you get up and move on with your life?

    Besides, like Kite was saying, the song (like the whole album) is a rumination on all of the Crows' previous work (hello? "I have waited for tomorrow from December ‘til today" - no doubt the most apparant nod in this particular song) - and almost seems like a goodbye to the fans (y'know, in case there's never another Crows CD I guess).
    TheDevilandTomBlackon June 30, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI love this one.
    Its finally coming to terms with everything
    and finally saying "Hey, we made it through all that, so we'll keep on making it"
    Its a great way to end the album
    (if you don't have the bonus tracks that is)
    dinnie450on December 16, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThe 1st half of the album is about is about failure- the second half is about accepting failure. This is very much a concept album, the first half has more "radio friendly" songs that are catchier, but the 2nd half is just as (if not more) important than the first half.

    "Come Around" is the last track b/c its a reminder that there is hope that we can rise above our own disappointment and be what we want to be.
    Crazy4Crows9on May 18, 2010   Link
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    General CommentMy favorite Counting Crows quote of all time has to be from the second verse of St. Robinson, where Duritz says "I keep thinking tomorrow is coming today, so I am endlessly waiting." Listening to this song, the lyric that always jumps out to me is "I have waited for tomorrow from December 'til today; and I have started loving sorrow along the way." I like to think that for our hero, Arthur Robinson, things have finally changed, and he's moving on into the world happier. Tomorrow finally came. That might not be how Duritz intended it, but it's through that perspective that I'll always listen to the Counting Crows. A battle finally won.
    foldsfan5on July 22, 2010   Link

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