This situation gets ugly
When I have passed impossible
Your resume blank tanks I read
Just watch the prodigal combo
Stopping the Jon Doe
From dropping those bombs blow
No time for unmatched comp
We're basically better than ourselves
It's the most pro-imprecateous
Known to be rocking the mic
We're the illest emcees since mad cow
So you can laugh now
Attack now we came to rock here today
Like smoke bombs breaking in the middle east and terrain
Fuck the turmoil over oil to spoil the world
I saw Bush smirk before he stuck his Cheny in the stall (?)
Like fuck it press the button and watch them all boil
Let the rich bleed and
Kill the innocent boys and girls
Impeach the bastard and live happily ever after
Is what we all know needs to happen
But it takes more than one to get it cracking
So you can go to
Feed the crimes against humanity
And why we really at war
Wondering what we fighting for
Realising its a plan divided by rich and the poor
Greed money power
People panic cause they know whats in store
I'm gonna get mine then I'm gonna take your's
yeah, I'm gonna get mine and I'm gonna gets mores
When there's a line drawn for you
And the mad man's got the move
It's a gamble on your mind
A million in one shot
You're walking on straight lines
Watching them confiscate rights
A gamble on your mind
A million in one shot
You gotta go to work five days a week
Stuck in traffic jams on the highways and streets
Smoking cigarettes and tar
While you're sitting in your car
And every dollar you achieve
It's live spending at the par
And bills, cellphones, cable, and furniture
I'm independent with a heart to cradle my bursted nerves
Taking the learning curve carving in a pod
For me to hide in once you sparked the Jihad
You see, they crashed into our building
So dying for the cause is exactly what's appealing
And cracking them and killing them is helter-skelter
No pile of corpses can give you back that sheltered
Sense of safety that you get so plainly
And this is to the ones that doubt demonstrating
Stop it and please become informed
It's much deeper than screaming, 'fuck the norm'
I want presidents to represent me (say what!)
But he took my right to vote indefinitely
So fuck him
What is it that you've accomplished?
Tounge-tied and love sick
Hating that words your worst weapon turned against you
Hurt never only for what you've learned
And all you've earned is a place in Hell
If separation is served,
Apathy always excels in times of mind
Proving what hype we bind ourselves with
In lines of grand designs written as we see fit
Killing for life and living as slaves for freedom
You walk the line drawn for you by these war monger maniacs
You roll the dice with two sides you prove your life
And you lie to yourself knowing just what it costed you
A gamble on your mind
A million in one shot

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