am 4:54

lexotan 2mg

etizolam 1mg

The street wriggles madly during dawn
You swallow the sleeping pills quickly

Now........ "Goodbye..." Cannot be voiced out

am 5:27

Even Seroquel 25mg is used
You are still cutting your wrist into pieces

Now........"Goodbye..." Is still no where in sight

The undestroyable mind exists within the interstice of reality
During daybreak
The whirlpool up on the sky seems to be appealing for something

The soul of the deceased can't find a meaningful place to go
Because.... everywhere is flooded with lies

Turn on a certain switch beside eyes.
Can you see the true rotting world?
Anyone passes me with the smile that
seems to be happy.What is so pleasant?
The day that keeps frivolous relation and
waits for time of an obligation to pass begins.
It is going to dawn now covered with crow.

What should be done to make you feel fulfilled?

Crowds moving at a fast pace
A horrifying silence
Labouring ticketing machines
High-density box

The street wriggles madly during dawn
Head for the birth-place.... Creep in the dark

The world is decaying.... Now... Only "Goodbye..." still exists

The undestroyable mind exists in imagination
During daybreak
The road within the darkness seems to be telling something

The soul of the deceased can't find a meaningful place to go
Because.... everywhere is flooded with lies

"Don't wanna leave, don't wanna disappear"
It's always like this...
When you've found something important...
It's likely that the thing is already gone

"Don't wanna leave, don't wanna lose"
No matter how you pray, no matter how you wish, you won't be rescued

Meaningless towers stands everywhere
The town is restless
Impure concrete....... Cracked windows.......
Iron box which comes to a standstill....... All these are just garbages
A clock that keeps on running round and round
Crowds that appears in swarms..................
Is it so?
Therefore, everyone needs to take sleeping pills in order to fall asleep
There may also be times that one suddenly goes mad and cut his wrist
and to hold one's neck tightly
In such a place, people who put in straightly will go mad
Fellows who put in straight won't be believed

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Karasu-iro No Taiji (english) song meanings
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    General CommentBeautiful, sad and true song!
    FufeukiDoujion October 31, 2014   Link
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    General CommentThis song is true in the sense that this testify what happens to all those who live a dissolute life, a life full of problems because who like in a damned life will not be blessed. Our lives are constantly under tribulations just for one reason:the existence of sin. Satan and demons have power in the same proportion the humanity give to them power. Instead, for the children who live in Grace of God, life is only a continuous Praise and thank you for all the things. Also hard times , one can have light , as who walk in the light, will have the eternal true life. That it's not here. To search a meaning in the wrong things is to open doors to a lot of troubles. That's don't mean that who walk in the truth will be without problems... because this world isn't the reign of God. The battle is for everyone. But who walk with the Light, will be strong. And will never commit suicide or use drugs. Many people that were in big troubles, find peace only in one thing: to stop to live a life in sin. At the end of life, you will fight and will gain the streight to be saved. Who don't find this, will be always live a damnation since from this life...
    FollowingTheTruthWayandLifeon December 06, 2018   Link

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