"Talking to God" as written by and Layng Martine Jr. Lewis Anderson....
Mother is busy, she won't even miss me
And so busy praying she won't see me waiting
I hate all your reasons they just point to Jesus
You can't be awakened when you're not mistaken
And I hate your voice and that fucked up noise
And your cliches and the things that you'd say to me
When they burned me then, they still seer today
Embedded in a memory that won't change

How can you talk to God [3x]
When you won't talk to me? [repeat]

So I begged you just for a word that
Through the day you might have heard and...
She wouldn't listen to my words
Always I'll remember some good times,
And some winters in times when I wasn't too dirty for mud.

When you'd hit your own boys in that fucked up voice
On your black days, oh! the things that you'd say to me
When they burned me, yeah they burned me
Oh they burned me, yeah they burned me

So how can you talk to God [3x]
When you won't talk to me?

I know every little word
Of all the things that I have heard
So how can you talk to God
When you won't talk to me?
When he won't talk to me
Someday you'll be, better than me [2x]
But you won't talk to me.

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"Talking to God" as written by Lewis Anderson Layng Martine Jr.


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    General CommentI think that this song is about the singer's parents and how they were so religious when he was growing up. They forbade him to listen to rock and roll music because they thought it was evil. So I think that it's about their neglect towards him and he is questioning how they can claim to be religious when they don't love their own son. Just read the line

    "How can you talk to god
    When you wont talk to me?"

    I also think that his parents may have been abusive to him as well because of the line

    "When you'd hit your boys, in that fucked up voice"

    I think that this may have caused him to grow up questioning religion, which is what this song is about. That's just my thoughts though, anyone else got any ideas?
    kappaferreton October 13, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI don't think his parents were necessarily abusive in the typical physical sense. I think he is saying that she abused him by the words he said, hence "the things you'd say to me [...] burned me."
    Anirakon October 14, 2007   Link
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    General Commentagree with Anirak. The lyrical content of this song reminds me alot of that of "Judas" by A Perfect Circle. Both artists are angry at their parents for their faith in god and lack of faith in them
    cjbystarlighton October 15, 2007   Link
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    General CommentJust a little correction, it's "Judith" not "Judas." Carry on.
    jahshuaon November 26, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIts probably depicting how his childhood was with an overly religious family, i read on wikipedia that "rock n roll" was banned from his house so yeah i guess its just about his feelings about his mom holding back from exploring the best music of all....Rock
    pandoreoon November 27, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti heard that this song is about J's mom...and how she treated him growin up...and i agree with pandoreo cos rock was banned from J's house...may thats y he made this song bout his mom
    BadboY86on February 14, 2008   Link
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    General Commentyeah i thnk "kappaferret" nailed it but i think his parents didnt abuse him physically. i think it was with words, "And i hate your voice and that fucked up noise." "When you'd hit your boys, in that fucked up voice."
    MOSHIxMOSHIx92on September 22, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis is one of the few songs of Hurt's that's fairly easy to know the meaning to. Also one of the few songs that J has talked about. His parent's forbade him to listen to rock and roll, and forced him into listening to classical music. They also forced him to play an instrument, and hence how and why he plays the violin/cello so much in his songs. He said the first rock song he had ever heard in his entire life was "Jeremy" by Pearl Jam at his friends house.
    Blokcadeon April 29, 2009   Link
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    General CommentCan i ask a question? In your opinions, do you think the band Hurt are Christians? Im a Christian myself, and i love Hurt. Just curious
    CHASKINSon June 03, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI can relate to this song completely.

    My father is one of those fanatical christians. He grew up in a super religous household and his father was a pentecostal preacher. He rebelled when he was younger and his parents only condemned him for his actions. He was basically forced to join the army just to get out of their household. His father died while he was in the army and my father never got to make amends with him. He honestly believed his father died hating him and as he got older this began to really, really wear on him and cause serious bouts of guilt and depression, which he did a somewhat job of hiding from us.

    Well about the time I turned 15-16 my father decided he should change the way we were living and get us all in church. He got saved and instead of helping his guilt and depression, it only made it worse. My father, the man I use to look up to and joke around with, turned into a severely depressed and withdrawn man. At this age, I needed my father more than I ever had but I felt like I had lost him and he had abandoned us. He would rarely talk to us, other than trying to push this twisted version of religious on us. He quit watching the normal television and movies he used to watch and only watched dollar-worshipping televangelists and some severely f***ed up religious movies. Also, I used to wake up in the middle of the night and hear him in the living room crying for hours on end. When asked about it he said he was praying. All I could think was "If he really believes he's saved, Why is he so sad???" and "Is this what being saved really is? If so, I want no part of it." It led me to questioning religion as a whole and really turned me completely against it for a long time. It really used to mess with me. I began have depression issues of my own and that was a really tough time in my life but, who doesn't have a tough time at that age? I would ask for his help and advise because who else can a young man turn to but his father? He never had any advise and only blamed my problems on the fact that I wasn't saved. It was hard to even get that out of him as he would usually act like he didn't hear me and ignore me completely. I honestly thought he hated me and this deepened my depression even further. I was eventually put on anti-depressants at the age of 18 and they only seemed to work against me almost driving me to the edge of insanity. I had a cousin who committed suicide on September 12, 2001 and even though I was completely out of it thanks to antidepressants, I remember my aunt in her completely broken down state and my father sitting there repeating over and over again "If he (my cousin) had 5 minutes to do it over again, He wouldn't." and how he went to hell for committing suicide, all right in front of my aunt. How could someone sit right of someone they love and constantly kick them when they are already, understandably, at the edge??? Thankfully, one of my uncles finally made him shut-up.I hated my father more than anything for this. I finally had to get off of the meds a few months later because they had finally driven me over the edge and I attempted to OD on them. I realized, after making it through this, I didn't need them.

    My mother also didn't take to his change good at all. She grew up in a good family that went to church but didn't really take to the pentecostal setting too well and the fanatical stuff was wayyy too much for her. This led to my parents arguing all the time and my father making many threats of "Once these kids are gone, so am I". This led me to resent him and I stayed at that house probably much longer than I should have just to try and keep them together and make my father see things from our point of view so that he could get past his issues and become a much better husband and father. This really wore on me, caused many of my own issues and led to an even deeper split between my father and I.

    After about 10 years, he very slowly began to come around and I decided it was time to get out. My parents are still together but my father still battles the depression and is still following those crooked preachers and false prophets. He is still terrified of death and reads the obituaries everyday and his usual topic of conversation is "Did you hear about ______ dying?" and even sometimes tries to make speculations of where they went in the afterlife, even if he never met the person. I still have depression, anxiety and very low self-esteem issues of my own and anytime I try to ask for his help advise, he will only say he is praying for me but absolutely will not talk to me about it. Even with these issues still remaining, I have grown past my resentment of my father and now instead feel sorry for him. He tells my mother that he thinks I hate him. I don't and I've tried telling this to him but he can't get it through his head. I really wish there was something I could do for him to get him away from this twisted version of religion he was raised in and help him to find a true salvation but, this far in, and nothing has worked...
    ecsa0014on January 16, 2012   Link

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