Like the others say,
I can know your pain, But I couldn't Get used to it.
As another bird has gone, Its like seven years alone. I just couldn't get used to it.
And I believe in, What I see in your eyes.
And I believe in, what I see, here in your eyes.
I believe in what is real.
The only thing is pain, and it's so real.
And I thank you for listening to how I feel. Cuz its just what I needed.
Like the pain that made it real
And I finally found out how
because you finally showed me how
It feels to be you,
and to be me,
and to be me, and to be

Fast forward yesterday,
to the things I wouldn't say
Cuz I couldn't get used to it.
Guess everything's my fault,
and I shouldn't do nothin' at all.
Cuz I couldn't get used to it.
Cuz I believe in what I see here in your eyes.
I believe in what I see
cuz I believe in what is real
If only the only thing is pain
Then its "soo real"
and I thank you for listening to how I feel. Cuz its just what I needed.
Like the pain that made it real.
And I finally found out how,
because you finally showed me how.
It feels to be you,
and to be me,
and to be me, and to be.

If I could I would, I'd do anything to take back the hurt,
frustration and the pain it brings.
Some of those times you sat alone and realized, "Fuck!" That's not the way you should have wanted it.
If all of my actions show,
It was good to be you,
and to be me again.
If all of my actions show,
Then all of the truth be told

And all of my...

Faint lyrics at end
I traded? my life? for you.
I know that he? asked me to.
I dedicate this to ???

Lyrics submitted by xtc56, edited by j_talbain

Thank You For Listening song meanings
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    General CommentI bought the t-shirt for this song before I even heard the song. It has the "I thank you for listening" lines on the back and that was the selling point to me. Then I found out there was an actual song for it and the song just struck home the instant I heard it. - As far as the meaning goes to me its some type of relationship, could be a couple or even just close friends that didn't quite click. He couldn't live with the other's pain. Yet, this person allowed him to tell them and explain to them how he feels and that he just couldn't live with the pain they are experiecing, and he thanks them for listening. He got to see how they are and how he is and says he is glad they let him experience it because he is happy to be himself again.
    helsingon October 08, 2007   Link
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    General Commentwhen i hear this song i think about the fan base more then an actual relationship. i think j is saying thank you to his fans for listening to him and all the mail and feedback he has got over the years. im sure people write him letters telling him of similar experiences or experiences they have overcame in their lives because of his music. This song is to the fans for sticking with him and helping through his hard times, cuz in turn from hearing what other people have gone thru, he is now in our shoes and he has became our own fans...if that makes sense
    njcollinson January 09, 2008   Link
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    General Commentbefore i actually listened to this song, when i first heard it for instance, it felt personal. as corny as this sounds, i felt like it was writen for me. obviously it was not, but then i looked into it & decided that it was written for his fans. i agree with njcollins on that one. he has so much love and appreciation for the people who are truely affected by his music. this song is for the people who can feel his pain when they listen to him scream. if you think i sound rediculous, you aren't listening close enough.
    cjbystarlighton January 23, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThere's more lyrics to this song. At the end of the final solo, it's kind of muffled, but J says a few more lines.:

    "I traded my life for you
    and nobody asked me to
    And I dedicate these two to
    ???(the fans?)

    In any case, J. Loren is the coolest for writing this song. You are welcome, sir!
    Blackzmython February 12, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI tend to look at this song as the opposite of "Et Al". In that song, he's basically saying to his audience, I risked it all to bring you this music, but did it make any difference? You just bob your head but you don't really get the meanings or the pain behind the lyrics. Thank You For Listening is talking to the people who DO get it, and how in a way, knowing there are people who feel the same hurt helps him to cope with the pain in his life.
    metzoron June 16, 2010   Link

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