"Ants of the Sky" as written by Paul Andrew Waggoner, Robert Dustin Waring, Thomas Giles Rogers Jr., Cartland Blake Richardson and Daniel Lanford Briggs....
My teeth taste funny today...they seem more jagged than normal.
I've been told that I have been grinding them like the gears during my dream hours...
I wonder if it's just my thoughts fusing into one frequent dream...
One which parts with the night.
(There are frequent amongst the walking crawlers).

I saw them dragging the other day.
Scraping their knees and elbows against the bumpy pavement.
Blood tracks have been filling the streets.
Seems the high horse is taking them all home...
I can't leave myself out.
Why should we sleep today...
why should we awake tomorrow?
We can just pop back a few and drift though this pre-programmed flight.

Across all oceans...a windy, noisy trek...
this seems to be what I've needed.
The view used to be better...lands are growing into one.
We wanted it this way. We were brought up to grow into one.
I'm going to fly up soon and seek other lands. The soothing air of flight...
a bird's eye view into what I've always imagined life could be.
Will it be sought after?
It might just be useless writing and ideas that laziness will corrupt in the end.
Bones of dust need hardening. I think the prescription is found.

Sleep on...fly on.
In your mind, you can fly.

My teeth grin oddly today...
they seem to gleam more than normal.
Maybe it will be noticed.
(That's all we ever asked for. Grinning through it all......)

(In the corner the thinker things: I seem more jagged than normal.
I am the episode of constant wandering.
A nomad in my own surroundings...this hand produces the nerve.)

Walking dead.

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"Ants of the Sky" as written by Daniel Lanford Briggs Cartland Blake Richardson

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    General Comment"I wrote this song in an airport. When I listen to music on my headphones, I like to watch the world work and think about what every single person is doing that day. This song is about each one of us creating our own itinerary and flying through our life on one big vacation. Trying to find happiness, perfection, and love.

    It’s a “bloody, bumpy” road for most, and others it’s a wonderful journey. We fly away from our problems and towards our solutions (at least what we think are our solutions). We are the ants of the sky...aka the walking dead."
    Shevanelon September 18, 2007   Link
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    General Comment'this song is the meat and potatos of colors'

    this of course making viridian the gravy, and white walls the chocolate cake at the end
    mikeknighton September 10, 2008   Link
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    General Commentthis song is the meat and potatos of colors
    assbiteon September 01, 2008   Link
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    General Commentif you listen carefully, on the Colors: Live DVD, Tommy says "seems the high horse is taking -YOU- all home..." instead of "them". Wonder if it was intentional or maybe a Freudian slip...
    cr4kh3don October 31, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI think the title signifies our smallness in a world so big, all seeking to find our greatest potential.

    "Why should we sleep today...
    Why should we awake tomorrow?
    we can just pop back a few and drift through this pre-programmed flight."

    This signifies the questions we all ask ourselves at times: why am I here, what is my purpose, why should I wake up tomorrow morning? when some feel that life is fate and their destiny is alrealdy determined, they are just pieces on the chess board.

    This part makes me think the song is describing two different types of people:

    "My teeth grin oddly today...
    They seem to gleam more than normal
    Maybe it will be noticed
    (That's all we ever asked for. Grinning through it all........)"

    The above meaning that even though life is a difficult journey, "Grinning through it all," or making the best of what we have is what some choose to do. And all in all their wishes are that someone will notice and acknowledge that positivity on life.

    "(In the other corner the thinker thinks: I seem more jagged than normal
    I am the episode of constant wandering
    A nomad in my own surroundings... this hand produces the nerve).
    Walking dead. "

    This represents someone that grimaces through life, negative, wandering, and never actively seeking that which could make them happy, and are ultimately "walking dead" because they have no dreams, no efforts to seek their true happiness.

    Amazing song, the music is astounding, even before reading the lyrics and even moreso after.
    loveisfictionon September 19, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThe hoedown is the single greatest section of any song, ever. XD
    psychomonkey62on May 28, 2008   Link
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    General Comment'Seems the high horse is taking them all home...
    I can't leave myself out'
    Is the best part of the song
    And with every song you can tell their influences are Pink Floyd
    pestilence427on December 26, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI also see a lot of subtle references to dependence, i.e., dependence on medications as answers to the problem. There's such a huge trend in this country to "pop back a few" and let someone tell us that the only way to cure ourselves is through the next big drug.
    Furious Angelon March 16, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis song and CD is absolutely mind blowing.
    One of the most talented bands to date. For sure.
    UOTDWP777on January 13, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI have to say, I think the bluegrass break near the end of the song might be one of my favorite parts of any BtBaM songs.
    Mathos22on July 16, 2013   Link

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